Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Plan B

It looks like it is time for plan B.
The first part of the job interview thing on Monday went well.
We were greeted and then they explained the plan for the day.
At first we had to write a little text about our CV which was good.
In the invitation they said we would be supposed to present the CV so I thought it would be more like an oral presentation and prepared for that.
So all I had to do was to write down what I planned to say and that went smooth.
Afterward came some discussions.
For the first we were able to pick a topic (school uniforms) the second ( religion classes at school) and third (Are appointees (that's what leo gives me for "Beamte") still modern) .
The first one was really good, the second one was OK and the third one sucked. :D
Nobody found really good arguments.
We were a group of 7 there.
And 7 spots are vacant, so they do the testing in groups of 7 so nobody would feel like he has to fight since there is a chance that we all can get hired...
Well after the discussion was a break and then the group got an assignment to solve together which went well too I think.
After another break it was time for the interview.
During the observing part there were 6 people to watch, the interviews were with 2 persons and the applicant.
Since I had the longest way home the let me go in first.
And this is the part where I always get problems.
I can be as prepared as I wanted, I can't think clear in there...
Due to my performance in there I guess, now it is time for plan B.
No details on that yet, since there is nothing sure yet, though.

After the interview I went back to my friends house, where I had spent the night, changed into more comfortable clothes and picked up my stuff.
I left my suitcase at the train station (they have lockers there, what I really missed in the US) and went into town.
The last time I was there, I saw a Lush store while riding the street car.
I wasn't able to find it back then which was a bummer, since I planned to get my Mom something for her birthday there.
Well her birthday was in April but since I don't know when I will be in this city again (as I think I won't be moving there anytime soon) I decided to give it another try.
And this time I found the store, bought her something nice and got a free sample of some soap for myself.
It is sitting on my desk right now and smells just delicious.
After the Lush store I grabbed a bite to eat and then proceeded to Starbucks.
There I tried a new drink (Blackberry Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino) which was really good and headed back to the station.
I even made it home in time to take another online test. :)

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

just a quick note

Just finished another online test and I would really appreciate to know the results but that will not happen until all tests are done...

I am still working on my concept to convince the people on Monday that I am the perfect person for the position and they will be doomed if they don't hire me. ;)
Later today I will go and get my hair done, all for Monday. :)

Nevertheless I have a plan B if I don't get this job, and I have to confess, the more I think about plan B the more I like it.

But I am still putting all my effort into the job interview on Monday, after all plan B is only plan B. :)

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Friday, May 22, 2009

and Friday again....

What happened since last Friday?
Not much...
I did some more tests. 5 down 13 to go....or 12 since I know that I will miss the appointment on Monday, because I am on a job interview (out of town) that day and will not be back in time for the test.
I hope that I am good enough in the 5 other tests for that subject.
Yesterday we hat a thunderstorm and our dog always freaks out with all the noise outside.
He doesn't like fireworks either.
So I spent a good amount of time sitting on the floor and holding the poor baby.
Too bad that the poor baby has like 70 lbs and would rather sit in my bed.
I didn't let him and so I had to wrestle him down several times.
That's why I took 2 showers yesterday. :)

Today is May 22nd and on May 22nd in 2006 I set my foot on American soil for the very first time.
That's the day on which my biggest adventure so far started and I became an Au Pair in the USA.
I thought I was well prepared but little did I know. :)
I had 2 awesome, amazing years, of course with ups and downs, I met lot's of great people, made new friends and saw so many things I never dreamed of before.
I traveled up and down the East Coast, then moved to the West Coast and saw many things there.
I went to Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas and so on and so on.
I need to make a separate post one day about all the trips I took. (or I just should finish my homepage about my 2 years in the US)

So since I had such a great time in the US today is kind of a sad day.
I am not happy with my life right now and that has to change, but more on this topic later when there really is something changing.

For now I am preparing for yet another test tomorrow and then on Sunday I will go on a trip to the town where the job interview takes place on Monday.

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Friday, May 15, 2009


It is Friday afternoon and I am sitting at home, waiting for 8 pm when my 2nd test will start.
The first one was on Wednesday, 8 pm also.
The tests always are 2 hours and then the questionnaire will disappear from my online account again.
There are 6 appointments per subject, but even though you only have to actually pass 2 of them you better take part in all 6 because they won't publish the results before all 6 tests are over.
It is not that you just jot down what you remember, it is that you have to actually use your skills.
And since you don't know if your solution is perfect or just sucks it is a pretty high risk not to write all 6 tests...
There are 4 subjects this semester but for one they are not sure how they want to test, so til now it is only (*coughs*) 18 test....

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Each time I check there is something new regarding my studies.
Until last night I thought it is as annoying as it can get but then I got proved wrong.
Well I guess I just have to suck it up and do whatever they ask me to do.
But there is also a positive thing:
The accredition subject is off the table, in fall we will officially be students, when the 3rd semester starts.

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Friday, May 8, 2009


It's been a while....
Last weekend I went to Cologne to visit a friend and to go to a concert. (The Kroisos)
This trip was really spontaneous:
I am living with my Mom and when I told her what we could do for the long weekend (May 1rst is a federal holiday here) she was like "Why don't you go somewhere?" I guess she wanted to spent the weekend in quiet and peace. ;)
Months ago my friend and me spoke about this concert in Cologne.
Back then I applied for a job which would have made it easy to go to Cologne since the place was closer by and the money was good.
I ended up not getting this job and so we didn't speak about this concert again.
But when my Mom suggested to go on a trip I remembered the concert and after checking the date I knew where to go.
If it wasn't for that friend, I wouldn't have gone all the way to Cologne for this concert, but since I didn't see her for over 3 years this was the perfect chance to do both. :)
So I went to Cologne and I had a blast there.
We did some sightseeing meaning we hiked the cathedral (up and down in 30 minutes since they were about to close), went to Starbucks :D and then saw the concert in the evening.

I came back Sunday night and on Monday real life kicked back in when I got another refusal in the mail...

The week even got tougher when I discovered some unpleasant things regarding my studies.
I am doing online studies in business law and since my class is the first ever in this subject at this school they are still adjusting things and I don't like some of those adjustments.
I don't blame it all on the staff there, it is also that the school has an influence on it.
It would be too long to elaborate it all here but let me say that much: It is not even accredited yet...
They say it is only a matter of time but that's what they keep telling us since we started.

One of the big advantages (free time management, learn at your own pace, you decide the date for the exams...) they used to lure students into this course is not as great as they told us.
Last week they published fixed dates for exams, so I am quite busy now...

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