Friday, May 22, 2009

and Friday again....

What happened since last Friday?
Not much...
I did some more tests. 5 down 13 to go....or 12 since I know that I will miss the appointment on Monday, because I am on a job interview (out of town) that day and will not be back in time for the test.
I hope that I am good enough in the 5 other tests for that subject.
Yesterday we hat a thunderstorm and our dog always freaks out with all the noise outside.
He doesn't like fireworks either.
So I spent a good amount of time sitting on the floor and holding the poor baby.
Too bad that the poor baby has like 70 lbs and would rather sit in my bed.
I didn't let him and so I had to wrestle him down several times.
That's why I took 2 showers yesterday. :)

Today is May 22nd and on May 22nd in 2006 I set my foot on American soil for the very first time.
That's the day on which my biggest adventure so far started and I became an Au Pair in the USA.
I thought I was well prepared but little did I know. :)
I had 2 awesome, amazing years, of course with ups and downs, I met lot's of great people, made new friends and saw so many things I never dreamed of before.
I traveled up and down the East Coast, then moved to the West Coast and saw many things there.
I went to Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas and so on and so on.
I need to make a separate post one day about all the trips I took. (or I just should finish my homepage about my 2 years in the US)

So since I had such a great time in the US today is kind of a sad day.
I am not happy with my life right now and that has to change, but more on this topic later when there really is something changing.

For now I am preparing for yet another test tomorrow and then on Sunday I will go on a trip to the town where the job interview takes place on Monday.

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