Friday, May 8, 2009


It's been a while....
Last weekend I went to Cologne to visit a friend and to go to a concert. (The Kroisos)
This trip was really spontaneous:
I am living with my Mom and when I told her what we could do for the long weekend (May 1rst is a federal holiday here) she was like "Why don't you go somewhere?" I guess she wanted to spent the weekend in quiet and peace. ;)
Months ago my friend and me spoke about this concert in Cologne.
Back then I applied for a job which would have made it easy to go to Cologne since the place was closer by and the money was good.
I ended up not getting this job and so we didn't speak about this concert again.
But when my Mom suggested to go on a trip I remembered the concert and after checking the date I knew where to go.
If it wasn't for that friend, I wouldn't have gone all the way to Cologne for this concert, but since I didn't see her for over 3 years this was the perfect chance to do both. :)
So I went to Cologne and I had a blast there.
We did some sightseeing meaning we hiked the cathedral (up and down in 30 minutes since they were about to close), went to Starbucks :D and then saw the concert in the evening.

I came back Sunday night and on Monday real life kicked back in when I got another refusal in the mail...

The week even got tougher when I discovered some unpleasant things regarding my studies.
I am doing online studies in business law and since my class is the first ever in this subject at this school they are still adjusting things and I don't like some of those adjustments.
I don't blame it all on the staff there, it is also that the school has an influence on it.
It would be too long to elaborate it all here but let me say that much: It is not even accredited yet...
They say it is only a matter of time but that's what they keep telling us since we started.

One of the big advantages (free time management, learn at your own pace, you decide the date for the exams...) they used to lure students into this course is not as great as they told us.
Last week they published fixed dates for exams, so I am quite busy now...

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