Friday, May 15, 2009


It is Friday afternoon and I am sitting at home, waiting for 8 pm when my 2nd test will start.
The first one was on Wednesday, 8 pm also.
The tests always are 2 hours and then the questionnaire will disappear from my online account again.
There are 6 appointments per subject, but even though you only have to actually pass 2 of them you better take part in all 6 because they won't publish the results before all 6 tests are over.
It is not that you just jot down what you remember, it is that you have to actually use your skills.
And since you don't know if your solution is perfect or just sucks it is a pretty high risk not to write all 6 tests...
There are 4 subjects this semester but for one they are not sure how they want to test, so til now it is only (*coughs*) 18 test....

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