Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Plan B

It looks like it is time for plan B.
The first part of the job interview thing on Monday went well.
We were greeted and then they explained the plan for the day.
At first we had to write a little text about our CV which was good.
In the invitation they said we would be supposed to present the CV so I thought it would be more like an oral presentation and prepared for that.
So all I had to do was to write down what I planned to say and that went smooth.
Afterward came some discussions.
For the first we were able to pick a topic (school uniforms) the second ( religion classes at school) and third (Are appointees (that's what leo gives me for "Beamte") still modern) .
The first one was really good, the second one was OK and the third one sucked. :D
Nobody found really good arguments.
We were a group of 7 there.
And 7 spots are vacant, so they do the testing in groups of 7 so nobody would feel like he has to fight since there is a chance that we all can get hired...
Well after the discussion was a break and then the group got an assignment to solve together which went well too I think.
After another break it was time for the interview.
During the observing part there were 6 people to watch, the interviews were with 2 persons and the applicant.
Since I had the longest way home the let me go in first.
And this is the part where I always get problems.
I can be as prepared as I wanted, I can't think clear in there...
Due to my performance in there I guess, now it is time for plan B.
No details on that yet, since there is nothing sure yet, though.

After the interview I went back to my friends house, where I had spent the night, changed into more comfortable clothes and picked up my stuff.
I left my suitcase at the train station (they have lockers there, what I really missed in the US) and went into town.
The last time I was there, I saw a Lush store while riding the street car.
I wasn't able to find it back then which was a bummer, since I planned to get my Mom something for her birthday there.
Well her birthday was in April but since I don't know when I will be in this city again (as I think I won't be moving there anytime soon) I decided to give it another try.
And this time I found the store, bought her something nice and got a free sample of some soap for myself.
It is sitting on my desk right now and smells just delicious.
After the Lush store I grabbed a bite to eat and then proceeded to Starbucks.
There I tried a new drink (Blackberry Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino) which was really good and headed back to the station.
I even made it home in time to take another online test. :)

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