Thursday, June 25, 2009

a GOOD day

Today was a really good day.
In the morning I discovered that my workout starts to pay off.
Later on I got a call.
Yesterday I went to an accessment center where the employment agency sent me to.
I thought I did pretty good but didn't expect to get the job.
But today I got a call and they want me, so from next week on I will make own money again! I won't get rich though but it is a great feeling to be useful and work. :)

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Sunday, June 21, 2009


On Saturday I slept in.
After my breakfast my Mom and I took off to go to IKEA.
I have to admit, I love IKEA. :)
We walked through the exhibit on the top level first then had lunch at the restaurant (I had delicious vegetable lasagna with broccoli sauce and salmon steak) and hit the market hall afterward.
That is our usual routine.
We had a good time making plans for my future apartment (of which I even don't know in which part of Germany it will be) and got some other stuff.
Now I have one of those little milk beater things again, actually I have two now because we bought two of them.
On Saturday evening we had a little barbecue here to celebrate that on that date 2 years ago, my brother survived a horrible car accident.
Actually it was a pretty close call.

Today my Mom and I went to a really nice place, a bit like a craft fair, a bit like a farmers market, outdoors restaurant etc.. ( )
A really nice place and especially great for families with children, but grown-ups can have a great time there, too.
And the food was delicious.

It was really nice not to have an online test this weekend.

Tonight I will just watch some more TV and then go to bed early (hopefully)

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Friday, June 19, 2009

a bit more

First of all, I remembered what I wanted to write about in my last post.
I went to the employment agency last Friday.
I originally signed up with them because I was hoping they could help me find a job.
Well I am still in their system and obviously that is good because I need to be in their system while unemployed because that has something to do with the retirement checks I may or may not receive later.
Which might not be enough to live from anyway but that's an other story.
So I am in their system and had to show up there last Friday and prove that I did write applications.
So I did.
Now this lady told me, that I have to apply for mini jobs as well to be able to remain in the system.
I told her about my plans and that I will go to school again in fall and was hoping they would just leave me in the system til then.
I mean I don't get any money from them anyways.
But no, I have to apply for jobs.
No big deal if I had a ride to get there.
She said I HAVE to get there somehow, take the bus or whatever.
But who would hire somebody who could work on exact two days a week for an exact amount of time?
Oh well, I will try and then she will see what happens.
I mean I won't even be able to switch hours or something.
Then she gave me some uninformed advise and I got pretty mad at them.
Nothing I want to elaborate further here.
After I was done with them I went to the store and there I ran into a guy I went to highschool with.
We graduated 7 years ago and he is the first one I saw since then.
Interesting how different life can be for different people...

Another thing on my mind is that I am back in Germany for a year now.
When I stepped off that plane on June 18 2008 I didn't think that a year later I would sit around unemployed and would still live at my Mom's house...
But I know, next year at this day I can say something different, I made up my mind and accepted that I can't have what I really wanted ( I wanted to become a nurse but I have some back issues and was told that I won't last long in this field with this history).
When I first heard this I was really sad and disappointed.
I mean I knew about my back but I worked hard as an AuPair, carrying different toddlers around for two years, help my hostfamily move etc and then I hear something like this.
I know as a nurse you have to lift heavier things than toddlers sometimes but still...
Now I am still sad but I accepted it and am looking for other things now...
Well I am back in Germany for a year now and I still miss the US and my hostchildren.
Of course it is nice to speak to them on the phone but then they are begging me to come back and if I had the money I would get on the next plane...

This entry is pretty confusing I guess and I apologize but that is what is on my mind right now...

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it's been a while....

I was quite busy the past days.
There was this assignment which I finally finished today.
It took lot's of my time, not only the writing, I spent many hours discussing the case with my fellow students...
Beside this I didn't do much.
On Sunday my Mom and I took the dog to the beach and he had a blast. :)
On Saturday I got the rejection I from the job I was interviewed for some weeks ago.
But I was not really surprised.
There was so much more I wanted to write about but right now I can't think about anything....

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Sunday was election day here in Germany for the European parliament, and here in our community also for Major, municipal council, and county council. I ran for municipal council. I did not get elected but I was surprised how many people voted for me. :)
I am not happy at all with the county council, some stupid people made their xxx next to the wrong name and so we have two Nazis in there now. Not enough that there are already Nazis in our state parliament ,no now they are also in the community council.
Time to get outta here.
That is the part of our democracy that I don't like.
Everybody knows what they're up to but nobody can do anything as long as they don't break the law...
Well I don't want to go to deep into it now, but if anybody wants to talk about it, feel free to contact me.
On Sunday I also did some phone calls. First I spoke to a friend of mine that I didn't see for almost 2 years.
We met as Au Pairs in New York and while I extended, she went home after one year in August of 07.
We spent a really nice hour talking about good old times and that was really nice.
We also made a plan to meet at some point in August in Berlin and I am really looking forward to it.
Later on on Sunday I watched a movie (Die Hard but the German version) and then at around 2 am I figured it would be a nice time to call my last host family in California.
So I spent a nice time on the phone with them.
I especially liked the part where they told me that the kids still talk about me a lot, even more then about the Au Pair they had after me. :)
After I got off the phone I went to bed - and was wide awake til 5:30 am. The phone then woke me up around 9 am and afterward I was not able to go back to sleep.
So the Monday was practically wasted since I was tired all day.
In the evening I took part in another test and then stayed up late again since I was not able to go to sleep.
On Tuesday I slept til 1 pm and wasted the whole morning which I would have needed to make some phone calls.
A good part of the day I spent with writing a list for the employment agency.
They want to see my efforts to get a job.
Unfortunately some of the data I needed was (and still is on a memory card). Since I broke the card reader there is a problem with getting that data back.
I intended to fix it myself but needed I screwdriver which I couldn't find so I had to wait for my Mom to get home.
When she finally came back she found me a screwdriver.
It even fitted the screws and I was able to take 3 of 4 out.
The 4th did not come out at all.
I guess I damaged it when I tried to use a knife on there in my impatience.
So I had to try something else.
I dug through my stuff and found the very old camera that card came with.
And after I found an usb-cord to connect the camera to my laptop and after I charged the battery, I discovered that there is no software for this camera to use on Vista. So I went to bed happy...
Today I will try to connect the camera to my Moms old computer and see what happens...
I also have to make some phone calls and do some other stuff so I guess I won't be bored today... :)

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today was just another online test and I experienced some difficulties which nobody else seem to have.
This made it impossible for me to finish the test properly and this really annoys me.
The good thing is that there are 6 tests per subject so I have 5 more chances to get good results.
But still...something like this should not happen...

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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today I got the grades in the first subject and I have to admit, I am more than happy!
My two best marks were 1.7 and 1.3 which makes an average of 1.5.
Together with the written assignment which I still have to write and send in this will be the final mark for this subject.
Means I will pass the subject no matter what.Of course I will do anything to get a good final grade...

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Monday, June 1, 2009

yet another design

I can't help it, I was bored and hat lot's of fun doing this...

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the weekend

My weekend was pretty calm, I had a test Friday night and one Sunday morning.
On Saturday I went shopping with my Mom and I got 10 pairs of sneaker socks. A few weeks ago I got 5 pairs from Tchibo and somehow I have only 2 pairs left.
So I got 10 new pairs ( a pack for like 9,95) when I spotted them while standing in the checkout line at the shoe store.
In the evening we did some barbecue and that was it for Saturday.
Yesterday we went to a flea market where the best thing was the Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia which I got a the nearby Subway...
Today we will do some more BBQ-ing .
And I started plan B.
I applied for a degree program at an university of applied science. (well got it ready and it will go in the mail tomorrow)
No further details here since I don't have the spot for sure.
Plan C is also available now: A degree program at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Environmental Engineering.
There I will get a spot for sure since it is free (means no NC or stuff).

So I am pretty excited about where I will end up...
I will know for sure at some point in the end of July I guess.
The deadline for applications for B is July 15 and I think I should hear from them shortly after....

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