Friday, June 19, 2009

a bit more

First of all, I remembered what I wanted to write about in my last post.
I went to the employment agency last Friday.
I originally signed up with them because I was hoping they could help me find a job.
Well I am still in their system and obviously that is good because I need to be in their system while unemployed because that has something to do with the retirement checks I may or may not receive later.
Which might not be enough to live from anyway but that's an other story.
So I am in their system and had to show up there last Friday and prove that I did write applications.
So I did.
Now this lady told me, that I have to apply for mini jobs as well to be able to remain in the system.
I told her about my plans and that I will go to school again in fall and was hoping they would just leave me in the system til then.
I mean I don't get any money from them anyways.
But no, I have to apply for jobs.
No big deal if I had a ride to get there.
She said I HAVE to get there somehow, take the bus or whatever.
But who would hire somebody who could work on exact two days a week for an exact amount of time?
Oh well, I will try and then she will see what happens.
I mean I won't even be able to switch hours or something.
Then she gave me some uninformed advise and I got pretty mad at them.
Nothing I want to elaborate further here.
After I was done with them I went to the store and there I ran into a guy I went to highschool with.
We graduated 7 years ago and he is the first one I saw since then.
Interesting how different life can be for different people...

Another thing on my mind is that I am back in Germany for a year now.
When I stepped off that plane on June 18 2008 I didn't think that a year later I would sit around unemployed and would still live at my Mom's house...
But I know, next year at this day I can say something different, I made up my mind and accepted that I can't have what I really wanted ( I wanted to become a nurse but I have some back issues and was told that I won't last long in this field with this history).
When I first heard this I was really sad and disappointed.
I mean I knew about my back but I worked hard as an AuPair, carrying different toddlers around for two years, help my hostfamily move etc and then I hear something like this.
I know as a nurse you have to lift heavier things than toddlers sometimes but still...
Now I am still sad but I accepted it and am looking for other things now...
Well I am back in Germany for a year now and I still miss the US and my hostchildren.
Of course it is nice to speak to them on the phone but then they are begging me to come back and if I had the money I would get on the next plane...

This entry is pretty confusing I guess and I apologize but that is what is on my mind right now...

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