Monday, June 1, 2009

the weekend

My weekend was pretty calm, I had a test Friday night and one Sunday morning.
On Saturday I went shopping with my Mom and I got 10 pairs of sneaker socks. A few weeks ago I got 5 pairs from Tchibo and somehow I have only 2 pairs left.
So I got 10 new pairs ( a pack for like 9,95) when I spotted them while standing in the checkout line at the shoe store.
In the evening we did some barbecue and that was it for Saturday.
Yesterday we went to a flea market where the best thing was the Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia which I got a the nearby Subway...
Today we will do some more BBQ-ing .
And I started plan B.
I applied for a degree program at an university of applied science. (well got it ready and it will go in the mail tomorrow)
No further details here since I don't have the spot for sure.
Plan C is also available now: A degree program at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Environmental Engineering.
There I will get a spot for sure since it is free (means no NC or stuff).

So I am pretty excited about where I will end up...
I will know for sure at some point in the end of July I guess.
The deadline for applications for B is July 15 and I think I should hear from them shortly after....

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