Sunday, June 21, 2009


On Saturday I slept in.
After my breakfast my Mom and I took off to go to IKEA.
I have to admit, I love IKEA. :)
We walked through the exhibit on the top level first then had lunch at the restaurant (I had delicious vegetable lasagna with broccoli sauce and salmon steak) and hit the market hall afterward.
That is our usual routine.
We had a good time making plans for my future apartment (of which I even don't know in which part of Germany it will be) and got some other stuff.
Now I have one of those little milk beater things again, actually I have two now because we bought two of them.
On Saturday evening we had a little barbecue here to celebrate that on that date 2 years ago, my brother survived a horrible car accident.
Actually it was a pretty close call.

Today my Mom and I went to a really nice place, a bit like a craft fair, a bit like a farmers market, outdoors restaurant etc.. ( )
A really nice place and especially great for families with children, but grown-ups can have a great time there, too.
And the food was delicious.

It was really nice not to have an online test this weekend.

Tonight I will just watch some more TV and then go to bed early (hopefully)

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