Monday, July 27, 2009

This has been a real good week for me :)

Beside some wackos in the line my week could not have been better.
It feels like I've been working at that place forever now.
Usual routine everyday.
So it's about time to quit.
Yeah, that's right, I will (or better have to) quit.
You wonder why?
Well, I got some exciting letters last week.
I got accepted into the Early Education program AND into Forensic Sciences.
Guess what I picked. :)
I love kids but I love being in the lab as well...
So...Forensic Sciences it is.
I am uber-excited and could hug the world!
On a sad note it will be tough to quit that call center job because I met some really nice people there. (I didn't tell anybody there yet)
I have to quit because I have to move.
But I am looking forward to a new chapter in my book of life.
There are some unsure things money wise but I am optimistic that I will find a job there soon.
Obviously I will not be able to do 40 hour weeks but I should be able to buy me food...
So I kissed the idea of going back to the States and visit my families next spring good bye. :(
But in the end it will all be worth it.
At least that's what Jillian Michaels keeps on saying on the 30 day shred dvd.
Yes, I admit, I am doing the shred.
And I love it.
I lost like 5 kilos since I started and am looking forward to jeans shopping after the next 5 kilos. :)
Right now I am on a break since I hurt my back last week.
I did not workout for 3 days now and will start tomorrow again.
And I got the results of my second written assignment for my law studies.
I am really happy with that note!
I will try and keep doing the law studies beside the Forensics and working, but Forensics will have the highest priority.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've been busy

...that's why it took so long to write another post.
Right now I take the time to post while my pizza is in the oven.
Last Tuesday was my first really real day at work, I was on my own for the first time.
Of course I could always ask somebody but I had my own line and my own customers.
And I have to admit, I was really nervous and felt sick, but then it turned out not being so bad.
Of course I had to ask coworkers a lot and still do have, but it's getting better every day.
The routine is already kicking in and it feels like I am working there for way longer than a week now.
The nice thing is, I don't get bored, because each customer has another different problem.
Sometimes I feel like screaming when I have somebody in the line that barely knows what a computer is and I have to explain how he get's his internet back to work or someone whose language or hearing is impaired but til now I was able to deal with everybody except one.
I won't go into details here, that would not be nice but I was happy to get rid of her...
But there are also those great moments when people are so thankful that they are connected again.
So after one week I can say I like my job. :)
Beside this I was busy writing this assignment for my studies.
I don't feel so confident about this one but (and that is the good thing of not being an official student yet) I can take part in the repeat assignment and then just pick the better grade, if necessary.
I have to go and take care of my pizza now and then go to work.
I hope my next post will not take a week again...

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Monday, July 13, 2009


Friday we repeated many things, did some more pretend calls and had kind of a good time.
You could feel that everybody was more relaxed since two weeks of learning came to an end.
In the evening my Mom and I went to a little barbecue thing , organized from the party I ran for in municipal elections.
Even though it rained like crazy we had a great time because it was a really neat location.
On Saturday all the excitement started, I made my first call and spoke to the first real customers.
Despite me being nervous like hell it went pretty well.
But there was this one lady who was really mad, she was really mean and didn't even give me the chance to say anything.
So my godmother took over.
But beside this the day was ok.
Sunday was a really lazy day.
I did a little bit for school, watched the F1 race, went out for a nice walk with my Mom and the dog and then just relaxed.
Really nice.
Today I have a dentist appointment right before work...Then I will start working at 3 pm until 10 pm.
Luckily I already did my workout for today so I can go right to bed afterward if I feel like it.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

almost done

We are almost done with the schooling thing and from next week on we will work with real customers.
So exciting!
Tomorrow is the last day of teaching and then on Saturday and Monday we will start the real thing.
Saturday we will mainly listen to our "godfather/mother" and maybe have our 1rst real call. On Monday we will talk to customers for sure.
I think I learned a lot during the past days and am really confident that I will do at least ok, if not even better on the phone.
I decided to work the late shift because I found it very hard to focus on my studies after 8 hours at work and I hope I will be more successful if I study in the morning, then go to work, come home and just relax and go to bed afterward.
Plus, I get some more hours of sleep in the morning. :)
If it turns out that I will stay in this job for a while, I will get myself my very own car which is really exciting of course!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009


Here's what I've been up to these days:
As you can read in my previous post, I have a job now.
That kept me quite busy the last week.
On Monday, I went to sign the contract.
On Tuesday I started the 2-week-training.
It is pretty interesting and I learn a lot there, which I will be able to use later as well as in private life too...
The bad thing is that last week the weather was awesome, means pretty hot, and the room at work has an air condition which was just installed and is not working yet.
Being stuffed with 11 other people in a small room while it is really hot outside is not good for my attention...
The class is from 8 am to 4 pm for 14 days and then we will be allowed to talk to real customers.
Actually I am looking forward to this and I think while dealing with real problems (and not just sit and listen) time will go by really fast.
Class is on Saturdays too and work will also...
We will see how that will go.
At work they have free coffee and tea which is a plus!
Now while we have this training thing there is also water and juice but once we really start working, we have to bring our own water.

After work/class I didn't do much. I tried to squeeze in a bit of Business Law, but it didn't work that well.
So today I got the assignment ready and it will go in the mail tomorrow.
Later when we really work, I will most likely do the late shift, which means I can (and will) study and do my workout and other stuff in the morning, work til 10 pm, then relax a bit and go to bed.
I think this will be a better match for me.
As I said, I can't wait to start working. :)

The past week, the weather was awesome and today, when I actually have the time to hang out in the backyard with the dog a bit, there is rain. :(
But I think I will find some other stuff to catch up on.

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