Thursday, July 9, 2009

almost done

We are almost done with the schooling thing and from next week on we will work with real customers.
So exciting!
Tomorrow is the last day of teaching and then on Saturday and Monday we will start the real thing.
Saturday we will mainly listen to our "godfather/mother" and maybe have our 1rst real call. On Monday we will talk to customers for sure.
I think I learned a lot during the past days and am really confident that I will do at least ok, if not even better on the phone.
I decided to work the late shift because I found it very hard to focus on my studies after 8 hours at work and I hope I will be more successful if I study in the morning, then go to work, come home and just relax and go to bed afterward.
Plus, I get some more hours of sleep in the morning. :)
If it turns out that I will stay in this job for a while, I will get myself my very own car which is really exciting of course!

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