Monday, July 13, 2009


Friday we repeated many things, did some more pretend calls and had kind of a good time.
You could feel that everybody was more relaxed since two weeks of learning came to an end.
In the evening my Mom and I went to a little barbecue thing , organized from the party I ran for in municipal elections.
Even though it rained like crazy we had a great time because it was a really neat location.
On Saturday all the excitement started, I made my first call and spoke to the first real customers.
Despite me being nervous like hell it went pretty well.
But there was this one lady who was really mad, she was really mean and didn't even give me the chance to say anything.
So my godmother took over.
But beside this the day was ok.
Sunday was a really lazy day.
I did a little bit for school, watched the F1 race, went out for a nice walk with my Mom and the dog and then just relaxed.
Really nice.
Today I have a dentist appointment right before work...Then I will start working at 3 pm until 10 pm.
Luckily I already did my workout for today so I can go right to bed afterward if I feel like it.

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