Sunday, July 5, 2009


Here's what I've been up to these days:
As you can read in my previous post, I have a job now.
That kept me quite busy the last week.
On Monday, I went to sign the contract.
On Tuesday I started the 2-week-training.
It is pretty interesting and I learn a lot there, which I will be able to use later as well as in private life too...
The bad thing is that last week the weather was awesome, means pretty hot, and the room at work has an air condition which was just installed and is not working yet.
Being stuffed with 11 other people in a small room while it is really hot outside is not good for my attention...
The class is from 8 am to 4 pm for 14 days and then we will be allowed to talk to real customers.
Actually I am looking forward to this and I think while dealing with real problems (and not just sit and listen) time will go by really fast.
Class is on Saturdays too and work will also...
We will see how that will go.
At work they have free coffee and tea which is a plus!
Now while we have this training thing there is also water and juice but once we really start working, we have to bring our own water.

After work/class I didn't do much. I tried to squeeze in a bit of Business Law, but it didn't work that well.
So today I got the assignment ready and it will go in the mail tomorrow.
Later when we really work, I will most likely do the late shift, which means I can (and will) study and do my workout and other stuff in the morning, work til 10 pm, then relax a bit and go to bed.
I think this will be a better match for me.
As I said, I can't wait to start working. :)

The past week, the weather was awesome and today, when I actually have the time to hang out in the backyard with the dog a bit, there is rain. :(
But I think I will find some other stuff to catch up on.

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