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catch up

Warning: This might or might not become a longer one. Long post!

Let's start with Monday.
On Monday there was nothing remarkable except the fact that I worked late.
Means, I had a customer on the phone who was not done by 10 pm.
Since I am nice (and there are rules) I stayed on the phone with him until the problem was solved.
I was driving so this was no big issue. My Mom hates to wait when she picks me up.
One time she had to wait like 40 minutes and was SO NOT happy with that.
Well, back to Monday.
I hurried to the car and went to the branch of my Moms bank which I know.
There are more but I don't know where they are.
I had to get an account statement which shows that I paid the university fee for next semester.
I expected my pay for Saturday but the fee was supposed to be transferred Friday at the latest, so I asked her to do it for me.
Of course I paid her back but now I had to get her account statement from her bank.
So, I arrive at the bank just to see a sign "out of order".
Not good.
I asked my Mom to find out if there is a branch near the airport, just in case something goes wrong.
So I was more than happy to get home that night and find a note which said that she found a branch "near" the airport.
I went to bed and had a hard time falling asleep.
Very bad since I had to get up at 3 am.
We had to leave at 3:30 am to be at the airport for the 5am check-in.
We planned on having breakfast there while waiting for boarding-time.
So we got there in time, but unfortunately without finding the branch of the bank before.
I checked-in , we tried to figure out the way to the bank and then we went outside, grabbed a taxi and off we went.
The driver knew where the bank is and got us there and back to the airport just in time for the boarding.
So I kissed the idea of a nice breakfast with my Mom good-bye and went through security.
I then got me an insanely overpriced coffee and ate the cookies that where in my bag.
The flight went smooth but was way to short in my opinion.
After a happy reunion with my suitcase in Cologne I bought a ticket for the shuttle bus and went to new town.
There I ran around for a while to find a copy shop which I had looked up before.
Of course I didn't find it.
So I locked in my stuff at the central station and went on the train to the place where the part of my new university is that also has the administration office.
The school is spread over 3 cities and has only 1 administration part.
So I went there to see where I would have to go to enroll the next day and to meet some fellow students that might become my roommates.
We are thinking about sharing an apartment and since we were in town at the same time we figured it would be a good idea to meet.
Initially we met on studiVz which is kind of a German version of facebook.
I do prefer facebook though.
We ended up being only 3 persons: a future fellow student, his buddy that already is a student at new town University and me.
The buddy was able to give us a little insight into student life in new town.
After eating at our university canteen (*yuck*, I hope the canteen at our part of the school is better) we went back to new town city and hung out at a beer garden right next to the river Rhine.
A really nice afternoon.
At around 7 pm the guys brought me back to the central station from where I took a bus to the youth hostel.
I booked a single room this was a really smart decision I think.
I had my privacy and quiet and full power over the bathroom and the shower in there.
So after checking in I went straight into the shower.
Afterward I had a pizza for dinner.
The hostel has a bistro thing there, and the food was good but pricey.
I looked up again the copy shop again and found another one.
Yes the hostel has internet, another plus.
There is only one terminal besides wlan which is a minus. :)
I went to bed at 9:30 pm and slept til 7.
Just what I needed after the short night and the full day.
Breakfast at the hostel was ok, it was funny to watch the people and their behavior while eating.
Then I went back to the central station, and to the copy shop which I did find this time.
Then I got me a smoothie (good but nothing compared to Jamba Juice), went back to the station and to the school from there.
I took my luggage with me.
The original plan was to lock the luggage at the station, take the train to school, enroll and then come back, get the luggage and take the shuttle bus again.
But the buddy told me that there is a better, faster and cheaper way to the airport.
So I happily followed his advise and was back at the airport around noon.
The enrolling went smooth, all the papers were ok and I didn't have to wait at all.
The lady there told me there were over 500 applications for 60 spots and so I am happy (and proud) that I got one of the spots right away.
Well back at the airport I had plenty of time so I found myself a nice spot, sat there, read my book and ate the lunch that I bought at the supermarket near the school.
I was the first in line to check-in and after I went through security (mean people there) I got me some magazines and sat around a bit longer.
The flight back to Hamburg was, again, to short.
From Hamburg I took a train and my Mom picked me up at the station here.
My first impression: I do really LIKE my new hometown!
After all it is a city :) and it has a subway, trams and busses and I get to ride them for free with my student ID.
There are nice little cafes, river Rhine is there, and it has Starbucks!
Maybe I even find a job at the Starbucks there. We will see.
The rest of the week was ok but I think I have to spread the word of me leaving myself.
I was hoping by now the gossip would have done the job after I told some people, but nope.
Yesterday I received my student ID and a letter which doesn't exactly says it but sounds like the loan for the tuition is approved.
Today my Mom and I went to Karl's Erdbeerhof (Karl's Strawberry Farm) which is really nice.
As you can tell from the name, they have lot's of strawberries there. :)
But there is so much more, delicious food, artsy stuff and lot's of things to do for the kids that I don't have. :)
But we had a good time there anyways and it is really nice done there.
They also have a butterfly house.
If you, my faithful reader ever get the chance to visit that place (I think they have some "branches") then you certainly should go there!
Tomorrow starts my last week of work at the call center.
I would have to work til August 31rst but I had two more vacation days to use up, so I decided to make a clear cut and finish with next Saturday and took of Monday the 31rst.
The other day off will be on Wednesday, so hopefully this will be a relaxed week.
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