Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I was lazy

Well not in general, just blogwise.
The past two weeks went by really fast.
I went to work, did stuff for school (the 3 assignments got really good grades which makes me happy) and kept myself busy organizing.
In order to enroll at the new school, I need various papers.
One from my health insurance that states that I am insured with them, one from my old university that certifies that I did not fail an exam 3 times and therefore wouldn't be allowed to take another exam in this subject and one that shows the grades I received in the subjects there.
After all I will stay in the sciences field so that makes sense I guess.
As of today I am happy to report that I got all the papers on the way, they will be send to me and get here before I head down to the school to enroll.
The date is next Wednesday.
I booked a flight from Hamburg to Cologne for my appointment because this is cheaper than traveling by train and faster and there is no connection that can be missed. :)
This week I am only working from 3 to 8 pm which is nice, I get to see daylight after work. :)
Thinking of leaving this place makes me sad, I didn't think I would grow so fond to that place and the people there..
I didn't tell anybody yet but I have to send in the paper this week. *sigh*

On a happier note I can welcome my very first follower today! Thanks for following Mom in High Heels !

I get I will start to get down my old books soon and have a look at chemistry and stuff before school starts.
Actually I am kind of looking forward to getting them down. :)

I know, this post took even longer than the previous one and I hope the next one will not take that long!

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