Sunday, August 16, 2009

If shopping is a crime, please arrest me!

On Friday I handed in my notice, something which I really loathed.
On Thursday I got my first performance review and had a nice talk with my supervisor and then on Friday I quit.
Bad timing.
I asked my supervisor if she had a minute, explained everything to her and then gave her the already written notice.
She was really understanding and congratulated me on getting this spot.
Well, so this is done, I will work there til August 31rst.
I also started telling my coworkers on Friday and I am relieved that I can talk openly about it now. :)

About my topic:
I plead guilty in all points.
Going to TKMaxx and getting a GREAT deal on winter boots and a coat...guilty!
The coat was 79 Euros and I got it for 40 Euros.
The boots were 95 Euros and I got them for.... 20 bucks!!
Going to Berlin to meet my friend and hitting the mall which is the closest to an American mall I saw since I am back in Germany....guilty!
If you want to check it out: Alexa They even have a real food court there.
Browsing the stores in Berlin Main station (and of course buying something there )...guilty.
Going to Starbucks 2 times within 8 hours ...guilty!
So, if shopping is a crime, please arrest me. :)
I really enjoyed doing some shopping and spending MY OWN money.
I got paid on Friday which was really nice.
I made some more Euros then expected.

After the mall we went to the German-American Volksfest near the US consulate.
I was really looking forward to it since the description on the homepage sounded great but it was kind of disappointing.
I was really looking forward to a corn dog but we searched the whole place and didn't find any.
I first had a corn dog on Coney Island and it was delicious.
Then I moved to the west coast and somehow I didn't have the chance to get one there.
Then on a flight I think from New York back to San Francisco I had some Nathan Mini corn dog things at the airport and they were good but not as good as the one I had on Coney Island.
After that I didn't have another one.
So I was really excited about eating one at the Volksfest and then they didn't have any. Bummer.
We had some other food there and played some bingo and then we left.
The entrance fee was 2 Euros and that was the main difference to "normal" German fair things I think.

So we went back into town, spent some time at the main station which is almost a shopping mall itself and then we headed home.
I had a "Schoenes Wochenende"-ticket which allows me to use local trains all over Germany all day. I even can take up to 4 people with me. The ticket cost 35 Euros and I met somebody here at the station who wanted to go to Berlin too, so she gave me some money and I took her with me.
She also tagged along on the way back home and gave me some money again, so I went to Berlin and back for a really good price. :)

Today I didn't do that much, filled out some more papers, baked cookies and just relaxed.

I also get to welcome follower number 2, welcome Biggi !

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  1. I'll be your shopping buddy any time! I'm planning my trip to TKMaxx for some time in early Sept. I cannot wait!