Saturday, September 12, 2009

and still no apartment...

At some point last week I made two appointments to look at places.
Since I am just a poor student, I decided to go down there the cheapest way I could which means I used a train ticket called "Quer durchs Land" (across the country) which allowed me to travel all over Germany from 9 am until 3 am the next day for only 34 Euros.
Sounds nice you think?
Well it is ok, the thing is that you are only allowed to use local trains.
So I went down to my new town in 8 hours, changed trains like 7 times and got there around 6 pm on Thursday.
It was around this time that I found the voice mail from the company that owns the place I wanted to look at on Friday which said that they have to cancel the appointment. WTF??
They called me the day before to reconfirm and make sure that everything is set and then not even 24 hours before the appointment they call me?
They do have my information, they know where I live, and they should be able to figure out that this wouldn't be just a little trip for me.
They did ask me to call them back which I didn't do since they have one of those hotline numbers which are expensive and even more expensive when calling them from a cell phone.
And the last time I called, I was waiting for more than 5 minutes to speak to a CSA.
I do certainly know better ways to blow my money.
So I went to the place I wanted to look at on Thursday and it was a nice place, that's for sure, but the previous tenant wanted 1000 Euros for the stuff she would leave in there (eg linoleum, kitchen, a shelf, the light fixtures).
Had she mentioned this amount before, I wouldn't even have bothered looking at that place.
So my two possibilities were vanished in no time.
I then went to the newsstand at the main station in hope to find a paper with ads there but obviously they only come out on Wednesday and on Saturday and since it was Thursday there was no way to get one.
I then went to Starbucks to cheer me up a bit, then hopped on the bus that brought me to the hostel and while walking up to the front door, my Mom called and I was able to vent a bit. :)
I then checked in, discovered that I was the only person in the room and got something for dinner.
When all the kids finally were in bed and I was able to get to the one internet terminal they have there, I searched the web for some more places but without success.
But somebody I know from a forum told me about an elder couple that rents out rooms.
I decided I would give them a call.
The next morning I checked out after breakfast and took the bus to the main station and from there the train to the campus. There I got a little stamp on my student ID which allows me to ride the public transportation in and around my new town for free.
This was the main purpose of going there this day.
I also checked the message boards there but didn't find anything I would want to look at right away, plus I had this elderly couple I wanted to call.
Until today I had the possibility of renting an apartment beginning 11/1. So I figured, I would take the room at the couple's house, stay there till I can get into the other apartment and this would be it.
But then it turned out that I couldn't have to room right away.
I thought that it would be available right away.
And today I found out that somebody already put his finger on the apartment.
The contract is not signed yet but he said he want's to have it.
After looking at the room I went back to the main station, got me an Italian BMT at subway and a raspberry mocha frapp at Starbucks and hopped on the next train, which took me to Duesseldorf where I had to hang out for an hour.
The trip home went well too, except the hour in Hamburg.
I had to wait for my next train home, and when I left the track and went toward the main hall, I already saw some police officers in riot gear. I was asking myself "Oh, who played today?" since this is a very common view in German train stations of towns that have soccer teams in the first league.
But on Friday there was no soccer game...
Nope, there was a riot again... left wing extremists vs Nazis and the police right in the middle.
Obviously most of the action took part in Hamburg itself and what I got to see was just Nazis on their way home and left wing extremist bidding their farewell.
It was really scary. You could feel the tension in the air and from time to time one group chased the other and vice versa.
Not a nice situation.
I was glad when I could get on my train.
At our train station I met my brother who gave me the key to the car.
I finally was home by 1 am and really tired but then as soon as I could settle down, the caffeine, that I consumed because I knew I had to drive home and was already really tired, kicked in and I couldn't sleep.

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