Sunday, September 6, 2009

busy weekend

I ended up not going to that soccer tournament yesterday.
Actually I was pretty sure I would go, but then I woke up and felt not well.
In fact, I even skipped the workout because of that.
Instead I spent some lot's of time online, looking for apartments, had lunch with my Mom and then some more quality time with her.
We went to Praktiker (something like Home Depot) and got some boxes, and some other stuff.
Then we had a little rest at McCafe and then did some grocery shopping.
We even got a pumpkin which was made into a very delicious stew today.
Today it was mainly unpacking, sorting and then packing.
I went through my stuff in the attic and put together what I will need in my new yet to be found apartment. During the week I will pack up the stuff which I have in my room now e.g. books, CDs and clothes.
We are shooting for next weekend to move me and my stuff down there.
Hopefully I will have a space then.
If this doesn't work out, I will at least be completely packed.
I am a little under pressure here since the orientation weeks start on Sept 21rst and some of the events are mandatory like the lab orientation...
Worst case scenario: I go into a b&b or a hostel for a few days but I am still hoping for a place.
Beside packing, my Mom and I had a nice breakfast and some delicious coffee.
The coffee recipe which I mentioned in my previous post is really great.
We had some in the morning and later in the afternoon.
I am not sure if it is exactly like a Pumpkin Spice Dolce Latte because I am not sure if I remenber the taste right, but heck, it was still awesome.
And so much cheaper then Starbucks, which doesn't carry it anyways. :)
Right now I am writing an applicatio for a student job while watching "Autopsy" on TV.

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