Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I know, I know...

I should write more often, but somehow the days went by quickly and I didn't have much to write about.
The week went by pretty quick and in a blink it was already Saturday and I had my last day at work.
I had to come back on Monday though to hand in my parking permit and my ID and I was told I can come back if my studies don't work out.
Good to know.
I mean not that I plan on not finishing my studies or not getting a degree, but good to know that they were happy with my work and I have something like a cushion.

Right now, I am trying really hard to find a job in new town, something part-time and I already sent out an application yesterday but the most important thing is a place to stay.
Yesterday I was told that I most likely will NOT get a space in student housing, so I am trying to line up some appointments to look at places for next week, when I can go down there and look at them.
This week my Mom is on a business trip and I am watching the house and the dog and I don't have somebody that could drive me to either trainstation or airport.
On Monday morning I have a doctors appointment and I try to go to new Town either later on Monday or on Tuesday.
I already have one place which looks acceptable and if it is still available next week, I will look at this too.
I hope I will find some more acceptable places.
Some are just overpriced, too far away or just hideous.
I saw a "room" which had wood everywhere. Floor, walls, ceiling. I bet this would feel like living in a coffin.

Beside this there is nothing else to report I think...time to get a life. :)

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