Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mission accomplished

On Sunday we made some more phone calls and spoke to people that offered apartments...
At some point, we spoke to someone who offered a place that turned out to be too far away from my new school.
But then he told us, he might have something else, which is not completely done.
But the price sounded good and so we practically nailed him on his offer and we agreed that I would come down to look at that place on Monday right away.
He even went so far to say if I like it I could sign the contract right away and even sleep in there that night.
So, down I went.
I went to their house.
At first they showed me a rather not so nice place.
Then we went to the place he told me about on the phone.
I liked it right away.
It has two rooms, a small pantry kitchen and a bathroom with shower and sink.
The toilet is in the hallway and I share it with my neighbor, but I think that is ok.
He insisted on showing me another place too, so we went there afterward.
That was a nice place too, but it was smaller and more expensive.
So I decided to take the other one.
We went back to his house, I paid some money and got the keys.
The real contract will be waiting for me, when I get there on Saturday, since his printer ran out of ink...
He then dropped me off at my place (I like to say that :D ) and I started to explore the area.
It might not be the greatest area, but there is a bus stop nearby, there are two stores, a bakery, some places to eat and some other convenient places.
There is a Döner place nearby and I tried one for dinner since the pantry kitchen was not ready yet. The Döner was good and the price ok, good to know. :D
On Tuesday morning I went back home, on local trains again and got here around 8 pm.
Now I am busy getting stuff ready, because my Mom will drive me and my stuff down there on Saturday.
The following Saturday she will come back and we will go and buy furniture.
This Saturday she has an appointment before we can leave so the stores will be closed by the time we get there, so she will come back.
I am really excited right now and busy planning. :)
I even found a way to be online before I get my land line and internet at my new place.
I hope it works as well as they say it will. :)

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