Friday, September 4, 2009

There is no bad weather...

...just a bad choice of clothes. :)
Now that fall surely is on it's way the weather is acting crazy.
At least here.
Yesterday one moment the sun could shine through some white clouds while the sky is blue and then in the next minute, everything is gray and it pours like crazy.
Since we have this very demanding dog that wants to play all the time, it happened that he wanted to go outside, while it rained yesterday.
No problem buddy!
I just put on a raincoat and some old boots which are my Dad's old military boots if I am not mistaken and we went outside.
I added a rubber glove to that outfit because the dog has a tennis ball which I used to kick for him.
But recently I found out, he likes it even better if I throw the ball.
Of course it gets all soaked and slimy while he brings it back, hence the glove.
Dressed like this I went outside.
He played nice for a few minutes but then he started to crawl under the bushes where the rain wouldn't get him.
When asked for the ball, he tossed it out (yes he can toss balls :) ) and waited until I picked up and threw the ball myself, before he shot out of the bush.
He then caught the ball and went back under the bushes.
I laughed so hard, he was so silly!
In general he loves water, he would go for a swim whenever he sees a lake or the sea, but obviously he doesn't like to be rained on.
He doesn't like to be hosed down either.
Today there was no rain so far, about which he is really happy.
But you can tell, fall is on it's way.
It got colder over night, it is really chilly now and I would not even think about going outside in short sleeves like I did on Monday.
I like that weather in general but since I lived in the States for 2 years, Pumpkin Spice Latte is an essential part of fall for me now.
Germany is a bit retarded in the Starbucks section and some of my favorite flavors are not available over here. (but I think I should be happy that they have Starbucks at all)
Punpkin Spice is one of them.
Cinnamon Dolce is another one.
When I met some other Au Pairs (former and future ones) in Hamburg last October, of course we went to Starbucks too.
There I ordered a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. After all, we do have cinnamon here in Germany, so I figured the chances are good that I could get a Cinnamon Dolce Latte here.
You know what they said? "It's not Christmas yet" I was like WTF??
I got a Cinnamon Something Frappuchino in the summer of 06 in White Plains, NY and here they tell me I have to wait til Christmas??
Well I ordered something else which was good as well, but still...
At least I can put cinnamon in my coffee at home and a friend of mine gave me a recipe which is supposed to resemble Pumpkin Spice Latte and I will try it out this weekend.

On another note, there is nothing new in the apartment/room hunting.
Yesterday I saw a cute place in the right price range, which was not where I wanted it to be (bigger town near school) but close by (where the school is).
So I called and emailed them and didn't hear from them til today, 8 am, when the nice lady called back to tell me, that the place is available not earlier than Dec. 1rst, which is a tad too late for me.
I will keep that place in mind thought, just in case I end up in an ugly place, but for now I am still without a place to live in new town.
The lady even looked around for another appartment but just called me back to tell me that she wasn't able to find something.
Tomorrow is a Soccer tournament from my old company and I told them I would come and cheer them on but right now I don't feel like going.
There is a Coutry/Western party afterward and it just is too cold outside to drink something.
Beside that I don't feel like I should "waste" a whole day, when I still have to find an apartment.
And it would be nice to spend time with the family, now that I am moving out soon again...
I think I will make a spontaneous decision about that.

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