Sunday, October 18, 2009

crazy/busy week behind me...

Last Saturday I got up early, went to language class and then back home to meet the guy that finally connected me to the world again.
I then enjoyed some short hours of internet, went to the store and then went to a birthday party.
We hat a great time there and I made it home only in the early PM hours of Sunday. :)
There I found out that the heat didn't work and I had a very chilly Sunday.
On Monday I had school til 2:30 pm and was home by like 3:30. I had so many plans what to do with the rest of the day (exercises and stuff) but when I arrived at my front door I had to realize that I would have to change my plans.
When I put in the key and turned it, nothing happened.
That's right, nothing.
I could turn the key again and again, but the part of the lock that turned with the key didn't get any grip inside the lock and therefore I was unable to open the door.
I rang all my neighbors doorbells but of course, nobody was home...
So I called my Mom, and asked her if she could google my landlord, since I had his phone number but it was inside, next to the phone.
I had to call him in the AM because the heat didn't work and had to google him myself then.
So my Mom googled him and called me back.
Then I called him and he didn't answer the phone, just like in the morning..
I left him a message, just like I did in the morning.
Then I took the next bus back into town, since I had to go to the bathroom really bad.
Actually I already had to go, when we left school, but I figured I would just go at home. *haha*
So, back to town I went, rushed into the next McD and did what I had to do.
Then I strolled through the stores for a while to kill time and stay warm.
Around 6:30 I went back home and found my neighbors in front of the house, who couldn't get in either.
I tried to call the landlord again and this time he picked up.
He came right over and took care of the lock.
15 minutes later I was back in my apartment which soon warmed up since he took care of that as well.
On Tuesday me and a fellow student made a trip to IKEA after classes were over.
We spent like 5 hours there and she blew a lot of money.
Since I already had my big moment at IKEA a few weeks ago, I kept it low and only spent the amount that I had on a gift card. I even have 3 Euros left on there.
I am so proud of me. :)
Since we went there by public transportation, she wanted to get the bigger stuff delivered.
But first we had to pick up one piece, that was not in the shelves since there is such a low demand for it.
After we spent 30 minutes in line there, we spent some more time in line at the transportation desk.
When it finally was our turn, the guy compared the to-be-shipped items with the receipt.
First we thought he was teasing us when he told us that one item is not on the receipt.
We double (her) and triple (me) checked the darn paper, but no, it was not on there.
Means the cashier didn't scan it.
So my friend had to take the thing back, through the whole store to pay for it and get a receipt.
In the meantime I waited and tried my best to give the transportation guy the information he needed to speed up the whole process.
We finally made it out there at 8 pm, just to discover that the last bus back to the subway left at 7:30 pm.
This doesn't make any sense since it is the IKEA- line and IKEA is open til 9 pm but oh well.
Fortunally the bus in the opposite direction was still running.
So we took this one, got to transfer to a subway line and were able to get back home just a little later than anticipated.
On Wednesday morning I forced myself out of bed to meet my lab partner at 8 am to finish a protocol which was due on Friday, just to discover that we misunderstood each other and she wasn't there.
When she finally showed up she was really apologetic though.
The rest of the week was busy with lessons and lab work.
Today it is Sunday again, and I have to finish some excercises and then find something relaxing to do, which will probably include a new design for my little blog here. :)

//edit: Actually I found plenty of stuff to do and now I have to do those exercises.
Wish it was the other way around and I could relax now.
Doing nothing is exhausting. ;)

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