Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

This was a tiring week.
I didn't sleep enough and I got sick as well.
I caught a stomach bug.
Normally I don't go to see the Dr for something like this but this time it was BAD.
So I went to see the Dr on Thursday.
I called in on Tuesday to schedule an emergency appointment.
Needless to say, I already felt better on Thursday.
But I didn't eat much since Tuesday and on Thursday, she gave me some more instructions what to eat and what not.
I also got some medicine.
She also said it is a good idea to eat special diet for 5 days or so.
Since I already started it on Tuesday I decided that tonight I will be allowed to have some real food again.
But I think booze wouldn't be a good idea, and that's why I will not attend any Halloween party. :(
I did get some candy, just in case some kids show up, but secretly I am hoping that there won't be so many so there is more candy for me.
Am I a bad person now?

Well, happy Halloween everybody!

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