Monday, October 26, 2009

I know...

It's been over a week again.
But either nothing happens or too much to fit in some time for blogging. :)
Right now I should do my math and chemistry worksheet but I figured I could let them wait a bit longer.
Last Monday we got the mark for our first lab report, and what should I tell you, it was one of the best. :)
Last Thursday we had a practical class on fingerprints.
We got to take our or better our lab partners fingerprints, we secured traces and compared them to the fingerprints we took, the whole stuff like on TV with the powder and the foil and stuff.
That was a great day!
Those are the two events of the week that are worth being mentioned here.
Beside this it was mostly classes, exercises and homework.
Today I went to school for only one lesson.
I got to sleep in but right now I feel really tired again. *ugh*
I better get back to math and chemistry before I lose my motivation.
On one of my prior posts I said something about a new design... well I am working on it but it is not working like I want it to work and so maybe I will skip a fall/Halloween design and just start Christmas a little early.
We will see....

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