Tuesday, November 10, 2009

opening my own pharmacie

By now I am almost able to do so.
I was really sick over the weekend.
At first it looked like the swine flu but then it turned out that it was "only" an allergic reaction, which gave me a fever of 103,1 F (39,5 C)
I have no clue where it came from, but it affected my leg and I was not able to walk properly until I finally got hold of a doctor on Sunday, who prescribed something that really helped.
On Saturday I already got me some stuff from the pharmacy.
On Monday, I went to my primary care provider who prescribed something else.
So now I have quite a nice collection here.
My apartment is a mess because I was not able to do anything during the weekend.
So now as I am better, and already went back to school today, I am off to clean now and then it is homework.
Just wanted to show that I am still here. :)

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