Sunday, November 22, 2009

This week is over...

It was an exhausting week.
On Monday we had chemistry lab in the AM.
Everything went smooth there though.
On Thursday and Friday there was lab too, but it was not chemistry, it was something I am not sure how to translate, I think I can say analyzing materials.
We got some materials and had to run tests on them to find out what they are.
In fact they all were plastics but we had to figure out the exact type.
So we weighted and measured the stuff, tried to scratch it, break it, burn it....
It was quite interesting.
But this was only one of four experiments which we had to do in those 6 hours given. (3 on Thursday, 3 on Friday).
We also had to do microscopy and now I can officially say, I HATE microscopy.
We also had to draw what we saw and since I am impaired in the art department, I had a really hard time there.
Finally the supervisor had mercy and signed my poor drawings so we could move on.
On Thursday night I went out for a few drinks with friends since two of us were celebrating their birthday.
It was a great evening, this was the first time I went out for drinks since I moved there.
Remorse kicked in, when the alarm went off at stupid o'clock next morning since we had to be in the lab again at 8 am.
But somehow we made it through Friday.
I even stayed til the last lesson which was over at 6:30 pm.
But I think who can party also can study, so I didn't go home to go to bed.
Today I was up early again.
Saturday morning I take language classes.
I met two of my fellow language students at the train station where we waited for our train until we heard an announcement that the train would not come because the tracks were closed.
Somebody decided to end his life by jumping in front of a train.
I feel sorry for everybody who is so desperate that he thinks taking his life is the only way out, but there are many other ways to do so.
Jumping in front of a train does not help make people feel sorry for you...
Well, anyways, we had the choice to do a detour via Cologne which is the exactly opposite direction or take a bus which would leave us 45 minutes of the lesson to attend since the bus ride takes an hour. And option 3 which we picked: going home. :)

So I went home and went through my normal routine which means cleaning the place.
I then proceeded to the laundromat, which I usually do during the week but this week there was just no time.
So I went there and did two loads.
One was my normal clothes and one was my lab coat.
There is a story behind that coat.
In the beginning we were told that we would need to have two lab coats.
We could buy used one from the student body or order new ones through them.
So I went there and looked through a whole pile of lab coats.
Some were really hideous. I think I mentioned them before.
Well, I found one coat in my size without holes and without writing and drawing all over it.
It was just a bit stained and yellowish like white drapes would be after they hung for several years.
According to the student body the coats underwent some kind of cleaning, so I just used it right away.
I also ordered a new coat.
By now I never have worn the new coat for which I paid 20 Euros.
I like the other one much better, the new one looks weird.
My fellow students agree on that.
Well back to my current lab coat.
On Friday I wore short sleeves underneath and when I took it off after the lab session I saw that my whole arm was red.
So I decided to take the coat home and wash it.
And then the miracle happened.
It turned white again.
This was my excitement of the weekend. :)
Tomorrow I will sleep in.
All the alarms are banned from my bedroom, the shades will keep any light out and I will just sleep til my body tells me it is time to get up.

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