Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year everybody!

May 2010 be full with joy and health for all of you!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my 50th post...

I want to use for something special and I think this is important enough to be special:
Yesterday I got myself tested as a stem cell donor.
I wanted to do this for a while but somehow I never got around to do know how that works.
Well, before I went home for Christmas, I finally registered online and when I came back I already found the test kit in my mail.
I could do it all at home, just swap the inside of my cheeks with the cotton swaps they sent me, let them dry, put them back in the envelope with my signed consent form, and off it went.
I didn't even have to pay for postage.
Yes, now it is that easy!
You don't need to make an appointment to get your blood drawn to get registered anymore. You don't have to go somewhere, just register online (I guess you as well could call), wait for the test kit and then send it back.
I think this is such a great and easy opportunity to help somebody and there are so many more donors needed.
For now I am just in a database and if somebody who matches my information is in need of stem cells, the organization will contact me, some more tests will be done (at this point there will be blood drawn too) and if everything works out I can donate my stem cells.
Maybe they will never need me to donate.
That is great too, since this would mean, that my genetic twin is healthy as well. :)

Click the picture to learn more about the dkms and stem cell donation...


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

To all my followers, visitors and people that just happened to stop by:

Merry Christmas!!
Enjoy some quite, peaceful days with you loved ones!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

home for the holidays

Yesterday my Mom picked me up to go home for Christmas.
The reason that she came all the way down to get me was that she got me a little oven and a shelf to put it on for Christmas and it would have been an impossible task to transport it all by train.
So she came down, I assembled the shelf, we set up the oven and off we went.
The trip took 8 hours, including some stops.
After getting out of the car I went straight to the backyard to play with the dog.
The poor guy had to tag along the whole trip because my Mom went to visit her sister on Sunday before she came to get me on Monday.
So he spent more time in the car than he liked but still, he was glad that he was not left behind somewhere.
So, back to the backyard.
We played with his ball and he had a blast.
He was running and jumping around like Bambi on speed. :)
SO funny to watch.
Today I slept in, then started the laundry.
That's how I like to go on a trip: No washing and preparing the clothes before, just pack the dirty pile and wash it at my Moms house. :)
I do appreciate the proper time this machine takes (laundromat does like 40 minutes only) and the fact that the stuff dries faster and does smell better not worse when I take it out of the machine.
Plus it saves me 2,50 Euro. :)
And I can wash all my clothes and hang around in my jammies til the stuff is done. :D
I just put the clothes that I will wear today in the dryer.
Now I will go and take a nice BATH. *yay* for bathtubs!
Later today my Mom and I will do some (or some more) shopping.
Right now she went to work to finish some stuff there after dropping off the dog here.
She had an appointment in the morning and he got to go too.

On their way back they stopped for a walk and there he lost his last ball.
So this is a pretty sad day for him.
He does not know yet but he will realize as soon as we go out again.
Maybe Santa will get him new tennis balls.
I mean he was pretty good all year. ;)

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

you gotta be kidding me!

Since Friday was the last day of school this year, there was no language class on Saturday.
So this is the first time in quite a while that I have a complete weekend off.
I slept in, then I cleaned my apartmentpart of my apartment , took a shower and then walked over to the bakery to get me a cinnamon roll. They are my finding of the week. Of course they don't get anywhere near Cinnabon but they are delicious anyways.
So I got me one of those, walked back home and had a late breakfast.
Then I bundled up to go to town for my Christmas shopping.
To sum it all up: Next years Christmas shopping will be done online!
There were so many people out there, way too many...
First I went to an electronic store, looked at some stuff there and then walked over to Staples (yes we do have Staples here and I love it!!) and looked there.
I found gifts for both of my brothers. Actually the gift for one of them and part of the gift for the other one.
Then I waited outside in the freezing cold to take the bus to the city.
In the city I first walked around to locate the stores I wanted to go to.
I have to say I LOVE this city. They not only have 2 (or 3, not sure) Starbucks, they also have The Body Shop and Lush. Sweet.
I didn't go to too many stores but since the shops are spread over the city it took quite a while.
And it was cold.
In between I gobbled down a slice if pizza in less than a minute because it was cold and I had to take my gloves off in order to eat.
I still felt hungry so I went to McDonalds and got me some fries, which I ate while standing in a corner.
No seats available, place crowded.
The whole city was crowded.
After getting the presents for my Mom, I went to Starbucks for a little treat.
Here is where the post title comes into the game...
The barista told me that I couldn't have a sleeve for my cup since I was wearing gloves and that should do the trick.
At first I thought he was joking but he was not.
I had no grip on the cup with those gloves but I could not take them off either since it is so friggin' cold here.
This was the first time I went to this Starbucks and certainly the last one....
I am just glad that there is more than one Starbucks in this town. :)
After this unpleasant experience ( I think I am safe saying that this would not have happened in the States) I went to one last store, where I didn't find anything but a nice giftbag.
I am not completely done but I didn't feel like taking the train for 30 minutes to get to a store similar to walmart to look there.
I know I will find something for my brother there but since there are branches of this store near where my Mom lives, I will just go and look there, when I am home for the holidays.
I went back home and didn't do much afterwards.
Just watched some TV (numb3rs) and this years holiday episode of NCIS, then went to bed.
Today I set the alarm to get up in time to get to the bakery (they are open from 7-11 am on Sundays) just to find out that they don't have the cinnamon rolls on Sundays.
So I ended up with some other stuff which I will eat during the day, while relaxing, some more cleaning and watching sports...

Hope you all have a nice Sunday!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

today I am just plain annoyed

I got the chance to look at the test I failed last week and I did some pretty stupid mistakes there.
And it was a mean test but without the mistakes I would have passed.
Well, I guess I have to do better next time.
The other thing is my landlord.
I asked him to fill out a form for me which I would need to get some financial support.
First, I waited like forever and then he showed up yesterday to tell me that while collecting the data requested on the form, he found out that I didn't pay enough rent.
I was like WT****?? I mean I am living here 3 months and just when I try to get some money for support he finds out that I need to pay more?
He said that he calculated with less space than I actually have.
Want a piece of that cake, huh??
He said, if I wouldn't get the financial support (Wohngeld for my German readers) he won't change the rent.
Maybe he wanted to be nice, I just got suspicious.
Well, I decided to wait til he brings back the form and shows me the calculation.
This happened today.
He dropped off the form and the calculations and while going through them I found three (!!) different numbers which are supposed to be my rent...
The form which I would have to hand in has the medium amount on it, I currently pay the lowest amount and then there is another amount which is the highest and if I got him right, this would be the amount I should actually pay.
I have to go through that stuff again, my Mom will have a look and then we will decide what to do.
The easiest way would be, that if we find his calculations to be correct (and now that we're on it we will measure the whole place as well) he just writes me a form with the correct numbers.
I can accept that if there was something wrong in the calculations, than this should be fixed of course but I don't know, why he made up some numbers for the form that I have to hand in...

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally Friday

well, that does not mean weekend yet, but at least I can slow down a bit.
After changing the design on Monday, I turned everything off and hopped on the bus which took me to the station where I hopped on the train which took me...well, you know.
Math class it was and that was it for Monday.
I went back home, to do school stuff.
The rest of the week was the same, lessons and learning.
On Wednesday I went to the city,for shopping and lunch after school.
Actually I went to the store to pick up an outdoor coat which I had on hold there since Saturday.
And it was a good choice to let them hold it.
When I got back there on Wednesday, all the other coats were gone, even the rack wasn't there anymore.
So I felt lucky, when I picked up the coat, paid and then went to lunch.
The lunch was at McD. *g*
I sat there, silently laughing about myself.
Back in the day, when I made big money *haha* (as an AuPair) we would do such an outing like once a month but would come home with more than just one lousy bag. :)
I kind of missed it.
I also miss shopping in the States in general, especially the sales which were going on all the time.
In fact I did so much shopping, that I went home with 4 huge bags. I got there with 2, from which one had presents in it, which did not come back to Germany with me.
But this is another story about a scale which didn't work right, a last minute trip to Target to get the fourth bag and throwing away stuff in front of the check in counter at Oakland airport...
So back to Wednesday and McDonalds.
While sitting there I realized that even though it would be nice to have more money, I actually really like my life right now, all the studying stuff and having my own place again.
Since there are some things just wrong with the education system here in Germany, I joined some thousand students to demonstrate on Thursday afternoon.
On Thursday morning I failed a test but since the questions were just mean I am in good company.
After the demonstration we went to a fellow students place, had some drinks there and had a nice evening.
I got home late, went to bed even later and had to be at the lab at 8 am.
See the pattern? Seems to become a habit.
Well, we managed to get through the day and again I stayed til the end, the good student that I am. :)
When I got home around six I went straight to the store and got the ingredients for chili about which I was thinking the whole afternoon.
I as well got some bread, the kind that ran under the label "healthy" in my hostfamily.
Actually it is whole grain sandwich bread.
And that's what I will do with it: Sandwiches. Tuna to be exactly.
Therefore I as well got me a can of tuna.
I did not remember it being that expensive.
I have to ask my Mom tomorrow, how much it was back in the day when I was a kid and my parents used to make those delicious sandwiches.
Back home I had a hard time deciding if I should do the chili or the sandwiches or just do both and eat the chili later.
I ended up just doing the chili but it will be sandwiches tomorrow for lunch. :)
Can't wait!

To give this week a positive ending, we got back a lab report with a desirable mark on it. :)
Tomorrow morning I will have a doughnut again go to language class and then it is finally weekend for me.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Just had to change the layout since Christmas is coming soon.
Maybe I will adjust it a bit further when I get home but now I have to get going...

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

divine revelation

That is what I experienced today.
On our way to language class me and some fellow students stopped at a bakery.
There I got myself a doughnut and I have to say this is the best doughnut I. ever. ate. in. my. life!
I ate many doughnuts til now and while I loved the doughnuts they used to have at McDonald's back in the day and while I really enjoyed Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme as well as the ones from 7eleven and those from Safeway I have to say this one outran them all.
Maybe it was because it was really freshly made, I don't know.
What I know for sure is that I will certainly go back and have a few more while living here. :)

As I mentioned the two murderers in my previous post, I am happy to report that they are caught and locked up again and I think nobody got hurt while they where on the loose...

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