Thursday, December 17, 2009

today I am just plain annoyed

I got the chance to look at the test I failed last week and I did some pretty stupid mistakes there.
And it was a mean test but without the mistakes I would have passed.
Well, I guess I have to do better next time.
The other thing is my landlord.
I asked him to fill out a form for me which I would need to get some financial support.
First, I waited like forever and then he showed up yesterday to tell me that while collecting the data requested on the form, he found out that I didn't pay enough rent.
I was like WT****?? I mean I am living here 3 months and just when I try to get some money for support he finds out that I need to pay more?
He said that he calculated with less space than I actually have.
Want a piece of that cake, huh??
He said, if I wouldn't get the financial support (Wohngeld for my German readers) he won't change the rent.
Maybe he wanted to be nice, I just got suspicious.
Well, I decided to wait til he brings back the form and shows me the calculation.
This happened today.
He dropped off the form and the calculations and while going through them I found three (!!) different numbers which are supposed to be my rent...
The form which I would have to hand in has the medium amount on it, I currently pay the lowest amount and then there is another amount which is the highest and if I got him right, this would be the amount I should actually pay.
I have to go through that stuff again, my Mom will have a look and then we will decide what to do.
The easiest way would be, that if we find his calculations to be correct (and now that we're on it we will measure the whole place as well) he just writes me a form with the correct numbers.
I can accept that if there was something wrong in the calculations, than this should be fixed of course but I don't know, why he made up some numbers for the form that I have to hand in...

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