Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally Friday

well, that does not mean weekend yet, but at least I can slow down a bit.
After changing the design on Monday, I turned everything off and hopped on the bus which took me to the station where I hopped on the train which took me...well, you know.
Math class it was and that was it for Monday.
I went back home, to do school stuff.
The rest of the week was the same, lessons and learning.
On Wednesday I went to the city,for shopping and lunch after school.
Actually I went to the store to pick up an outdoor coat which I had on hold there since Saturday.
And it was a good choice to let them hold it.
When I got back there on Wednesday, all the other coats were gone, even the rack wasn't there anymore.
So I felt lucky, when I picked up the coat, paid and then went to lunch.
The lunch was at McD. *g*
I sat there, silently laughing about myself.
Back in the day, when I made big money *haha* (as an AuPair) we would do such an outing like once a month but would come home with more than just one lousy bag. :)
I kind of missed it.
I also miss shopping in the States in general, especially the sales which were going on all the time.
In fact I did so much shopping, that I went home with 4 huge bags. I got there with 2, from which one had presents in it, which did not come back to Germany with me.
But this is another story about a scale which didn't work right, a last minute trip to Target to get the fourth bag and throwing away stuff in front of the check in counter at Oakland airport...
So back to Wednesday and McDonalds.
While sitting there I realized that even though it would be nice to have more money, I actually really like my life right now, all the studying stuff and having my own place again.
Since there are some things just wrong with the education system here in Germany, I joined some thousand students to demonstrate on Thursday afternoon.
On Thursday morning I failed a test but since the questions were just mean I am in good company.
After the demonstration we went to a fellow students place, had some drinks there and had a nice evening.
I got home late, went to bed even later and had to be at the lab at 8 am.
See the pattern? Seems to become a habit.
Well, we managed to get through the day and again I stayed til the end, the good student that I am. :)
When I got home around six I went straight to the store and got the ingredients for chili about which I was thinking the whole afternoon.
I as well got some bread, the kind that ran under the label "healthy" in my hostfamily.
Actually it is whole grain sandwich bread.
And that's what I will do with it: Sandwiches. Tuna to be exactly.
Therefore I as well got me a can of tuna.
I did not remember it being that expensive.
I have to ask my Mom tomorrow, how much it was back in the day when I was a kid and my parents used to make those delicious sandwiches.
Back home I had a hard time deciding if I should do the chili or the sandwiches or just do both and eat the chili later.
I ended up just doing the chili but it will be sandwiches tomorrow for lunch. :)
Can't wait!

To give this week a positive ending, we got back a lab report with a desirable mark on it. :)
Tomorrow morning I will have a doughnut again go to language class and then it is finally weekend for me.

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