Tuesday, December 22, 2009

home for the holidays

Yesterday my Mom picked me up to go home for Christmas.
The reason that she came all the way down to get me was that she got me a little oven and a shelf to put it on for Christmas and it would have been an impossible task to transport it all by train.
So she came down, I assembled the shelf, we set up the oven and off we went.
The trip took 8 hours, including some stops.
After getting out of the car I went straight to the backyard to play with the dog.
The poor guy had to tag along the whole trip because my Mom went to visit her sister on Sunday before she came to get me on Monday.
So he spent more time in the car than he liked but still, he was glad that he was not left behind somewhere.
So, back to the backyard.
We played with his ball and he had a blast.
He was running and jumping around like Bambi on speed. :)
SO funny to watch.
Today I slept in, then started the laundry.
That's how I like to go on a trip: No washing and preparing the clothes before, just pack the dirty pile and wash it at my Moms house. :)
I do appreciate the proper time this machine takes (laundromat does like 40 minutes only) and the fact that the stuff dries faster and does smell better not worse when I take it out of the machine.
Plus it saves me 2,50 Euro. :)
And I can wash all my clothes and hang around in my jammies til the stuff is done. :D
I just put the clothes that I will wear today in the dryer.
Now I will go and take a nice BATH. *yay* for bathtubs!
Later today my Mom and I will do some (or some more) shopping.
Right now she went to work to finish some stuff there after dropping off the dog here.
She had an appointment in the morning and he got to go too.

On their way back they stopped for a walk and there he lost his last ball.
So this is a pretty sad day for him.
He does not know yet but he will realize as soon as we go out again.
Maybe Santa will get him new tennis balls.
I mean he was pretty good all year. ;)

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