Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my 50th post...

I want to use for something special and I think this is important enough to be special:
Yesterday I got myself tested as a stem cell donor.
I wanted to do this for a while but somehow I never got around to do know how that works.
Well, before I went home for Christmas, I finally registered online and when I came back I already found the test kit in my mail.
I could do it all at home, just swap the inside of my cheeks with the cotton swaps they sent me, let them dry, put them back in the envelope with my signed consent form, and off it went.
I didn't even have to pay for postage.
Yes, now it is that easy!
You don't need to make an appointment to get your blood drawn to get registered anymore. You don't have to go somewhere, just register online (I guess you as well could call), wait for the test kit and then send it back.
I think this is such a great and easy opportunity to help somebody and there are so many more donors needed.
For now I am just in a database and if somebody who matches my information is in need of stem cells, the organization will contact me, some more tests will be done (at this point there will be blood drawn too) and if everything works out I can donate my stem cells.
Maybe they will never need me to donate.
That is great too, since this would mean, that my genetic twin is healthy as well. :)

Click the picture to learn more about the dkms and stem cell donation...


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