Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday morning

And I am at home, having some coffee and reading blogs.
I just got back from the bakery across the street where I got myself delicious croissants. :)
What a great start into the day.

The semester is over, yesterday was the last lecture, now it is time for exams...
The last week was over really fast.
On Monday I got soaked by a delivery truck that drove by and covered me in snow slush.
I sent the company an email and they apologized via email and asked me for my address.
Today I got a letter in the mail from them in which they stated that the driver got lectured and that they apologize. Nice but some flowers would have been better. ;)
On Wednesday I wrote that previous post.
On Thursday we had a test which I passed.
On Friday we had the repeat test thing where I could try again for the test I failed in November.
I am not sure about the outcome there since the questions were quite different than expected.
We'll know the result on Monday.
On Monday also is the English exam.
I have to admit, I am not so worried about that one...

What really annoys me is that my cough is back. It will be gone for a while and then it comes back...
I will go to the pharmacy and get me some stuff there later today.
I will need something that makes it go away in general and something that suppresses the urge to cough for a few hours which I will need for the exam I think.
Oh and when I opened the shades this morning, there was snow yet again.
After my last ranting about snow it went away and turned into rain and now there it is again.
But I wont say anything about it anymore, I'll just ignore it.

Last but not least:
I received an email the other day and now I am an official donor in the dkms database. :)
I hope it wont be necessary but if they need me I'll be there!

Hope everybody has a great Saturday!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

far from nice

Today something happened that made me really mad.
I gave my notes from math class to a certain person because she asked if she could copy one exercise and the nice (or stupid) person that I am wanted to help her. (she needs to hand in homework to be allowed to participate in the exam since she missed some of the classes, this alone already should have been a flag I guess).
Well, when I got my notes back I didn't get them from that certain person that had asked me for them but from somebody else who obviously copied some of the stuff as well.
She even thanked me for letting her have it.
Is it just me who thinks it is not OK?
If I borrow something from somebody else I don't give it to other people, since I borrowed it and therefore I am responsible for the item.
Doesn't matter if it is a lawnmower, a book/cd or a folder with notes.
But that's just me.
Maybe I should have known that if I let somebody have my notes, everybody and his brother will have a look as well.
If I borrow your bike, does that mean all my neighbors can have a ride too?
I certainly learned my lesson today.

I am sitting here, still mad and can't do anything about it.
I said something when I got the notes back but not enough to express my anger I guess....

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

new design

As you can see, there is a new background -again...
But when I got up this morning and opened the shades I couldn't believe my eyes.
There was friggin' snow again.
Don't get me wrong I do like snow and enjoyed having a white Christmas (eve) but I want spring now, sunshine and no more snow.
I think I am done with snow for this year.
But since there was snow outside, I decided to bring the spring at least into my blog and that's why I changed the background.
As I am already on here I will write a bit more, before it is back to studying.
Yesterday we got to know our grades in the language exam and as I thought, I passed but didn't do overly well...
So I am 90% sure that I will not take Norwegian II next semester.
I am just not able to put the effort it would deserve in it and that is not acceptable.
I want to do at least good (great would be better of course) in what I do and since it is not a requirement for my B.Sc. it didn't get the attention it would deserve.
Plus it would be from 1pm to 3 pm on Saturdays and that would spoil the whole day since I also have to ride the bus and train to get there.
So it looks like I will not take it next semester.

Yesterday I realized that there is only one week of lectures left before the break.
Of course there are the exams during the break but no lectures to attend which will save me some valuable hours.

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite stores here in Germany (for groceries, that is) real, since it reminds me a bit of Walmart and that reminds me of my time in the States.
But yesterday it was just annoying.
They changed the layout so I was looking for the toy department on the wrong floor for a while.
They moved it to the lower level but put the babies section there so I went through all the aisles because I though the toys would be hidden somewhere in the back or so.
Then I went downstairs where I found the toys, along with a huge selection of carnival costumes.
I moved into a region, where it is a big issue...should have thought about that earlier, haha.
Well, there were costumes everywhere, annoying party songs (which are only endurable while being wasted which I wasn't obviously) and huuuge bulks of candy which are supposed to be thrown from the parade floats.WOW. It was kind of like the first time in an American supermarket, kind of like entering a new world.
After processing this culture shock I continued to fill my cart and must have walked several kilometers doing this.
And let me tell you, people are just stupid.
Several of them got in front of my cart and I had to perform several sudden stops to not hurt anybody.
OK, the little girl that was just following Mommy and Daddy and was way behind them and tried to catch up, I understand. Kids are kids.
But the women that talked to her husband and made a step backwards without even looking?
Or the guy on the phone that stepped back?
What is wrong with you people?
Do you back up without looking in your cars as well?
I don't think I want to share a road with you folks...
Then I finally made it to the registers.
I decided to do the self checkout because there you get bags for free (and they are even like the ones from Walmart, not what you normally get at a German store) and I wanted one to put my frozen goods in so I wouldn't get all the other stuff in my basket wet.
But I had to put ALL my stuff into those bags since the register would get mad otherwise.
I ended up with my frozen goods in one bag and all the other stuff in one more bag and put it all in the basket after I left the checkout.
I got myself an alarm clock at the store since mine refused to work some nights ago.
It is a wind up alarm clock and I got exact the same again.
Well, when I got home I accidentally dropped the broken one and when I picked it up from the floor it was ticking again.
Nice, I do love to spend money on unnecessary things.
For dinner I had a pizza American style, version California as the box said.
It had red onions and tuna on it.
I never saw tuna on a pizza in the States and when I mentioned it there people would look at me like I lost my mind.
The last two pieces I had for lunch this morning, after an hour on the phone with a good friend, while being on the phone with my Mom.

And now I have to go back and study some more.

Hope everybody has a great Sunday!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

CSI exam

Today we had our crime scene investigation exam, which was really fun.
Our class of 20 students was divided in 3 groups and each group was assigned to a crime scene.
Set up by our instructors of course. :)
Our crime scene was a break-in into a lab where a scientist surprised the intruder who knocked him out with a bottle.
We collected all the evidence and the perp got convicted.

I got up early this morning.
Class wouldn't start before 12 pm but I wanted to get a shopping basket which currently is on sale at my local discount store.
I was afraid that it would be sold out if I wait til tonight when I would get back from school and so I decided I would go right when the store opened and study some more afterward.
I overslept and got up at nine, jumped out of bed, rushed into the bathroom and then into my cloth and was out of the door at 9:15.
I was really mad at myself and really worried that the baskets would be sold out but there were plenty left.
So I got my basket, did some more shopping, went home, had some breakfast and then went to school...
I am amazed about myself and the fact that I would get up early (at least that was the plan) and go to the store for a household good like a shopping basket.
Am I getting old??
But if you look at it the right way it is kind of a purse, isn't it?

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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today I got to sleep in, which was much needed.
I was really tired the whole Saturday which showed in my actions...
After I went to the store I went to the laundromat, only to discover that I forgot half of the stuff I wanted to wash at home.
While I was getting the stuff together I decided that this was a good day to wash the sheets as well, and went to strip down the bed right away.
I put the sheets in my laundry bag (the huge blue ones from IKEA are really useful btw) and then left the house without putting the rest of the stuff in the bag.
A bus ride later I discovered my mistake.
Well, I think I might be able to get through the week without the missing stuff.
So I came home, hung up the laundry to dry and then cleaned my bathroom.
I then did the dishes while I preheated the oven.
I put my pizza in the oven and jumped in the shower.
Afterward I came back into the kitchen, refreshed and clean and really hungry and was greeted by an open oven door.
I did not close it after I put in the pizza!!
Something like this never happened before.
Not that I have the oven that long already, but still...
So I closed the door, gave it another 10 minutes, ate and went straight to bed to sleep.
And I slept til 11:30. Much needed!!
Today I already cleaned the rest of my place, had a nice phone conversation with my Mom and enjoyed coffee and fruit salad.
And I did some online shopping for school supplies.
Semester is almost over and I start buying stuff, yay me. :D
But it is not as bad as it looks, it is a dictionary which I will be able to use til the end and a calculator which I will need for my math exam.
I think this is a bit stupid.
Back in the day when I got my Abitur we were only allowed to use a normal calculator without the fancy stuff and graphic calculators were strictly forbidden and it was considered cheating if you were caught with one during exams or even in the finals.
Most of my fellow students graduated high school just recently and they all got to use a graphic calculator.
Now the math prof advised that everybody should have one since the students with just a normal calculator would put themselves in disadvantage if they wouldn't get one.
So I went along and got one.
I ordered the dictionary from the UK amazon as the English teacher advised since it only cost half of what I would have paid here.
I wanted to order the calculator there as well since it was way cheaper but for some reason would not ship said calculator to Germany.
So I ordered it from the German amazon and ended up paying more for just that calculator than what I would have paid for both, dictionary and calculator on

Now it's time for some more studying...

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

the first one

Today was my first exam for this semester.
Did not go as well as I expected but since it is just the language class, I am not that worried.
Would be nice to get a good grade though...
But this is something I took/take extra, aside from the required classes and it is not necessary to pass this to get my B.S.
We are required to do one language which is normally English.
We had this test in the beginning of the semester and were placed in groups 1-3 depending on the knowledge of the English language.
The people in group 1 (the best), to which I belong, were told they could do another language instead.
Or they could do both and decide which grade they want to bring into the final grade of the BS.
Actually a student could do both no matter which group he or she was in.
But only the students in group 1 were offered the possibility to drop English for the other language.
Luckily I opted against it.
I've learned so much in the English class, especially vocabulary regarding forensics and chemistry.
Watching CSI and all it's offspring in English is helpful but not quite enough I guess. :)
So that's why I am not THAT concerned about today's exam. (which was Norwegian by the way)
The next one, which coincidentally is English will follow in the begin of February.
Yesterday we had the last day in the lab for this semester.
We produced beautifully colored liquids which of course showed us some complexes which I don't want to elaborate here.Sorry. :)

On Thursday we will have our Crime Scene Investigation exam, which is a practical test and should be lot's of fun. :)

As you may have noticed, I changed the design and the name of my blog for obvious reasons.
Right now my life is following the plan and I hope it stays like this for a while. :)
And the design...well I like something new once in a while.

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Monday, January 4, 2010


While I am on it, here is what I did for New Years Eve.
I went to a friends house, there we had raclette and later on chocolate fondue.
Of course we had some drinks too and lot's of fun. (I don't want to say that you need drinks to have fun though)

I left the party around 2 am.
The subway was late so I missed my connecting bus and had to wait an hour.
Somebody threw a bottle at me while I walked by to get to McD to stay warm.
When the bus finally arrived, he broke down some stations into the ride.
I think those buses are not made for such temperatures like we had them that night.
We had to sit in the bus and wait for a replacement bus for 20 minutes and when I finally got home it was 4:30 am and I was frozen.

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back to school

Today was the first day of university in 2010 and it was quite uneventful.
Since it started snowing again on Saturday night, I had a beautiful train ride through snow covered landscapes.
We only had math class today and as we were told during said class, the exercise math class which I would have had tomorrow morning was canceled and so we had to attend the one from today.
We are divided in two groups since there are so many of us.
So there is one on Mondays one on Tuesdays.
So we had to take part in the one today.

Now I am back home, later than anticipated and my do some more studying today...
Depends on how much stuff I find to do first....

Yesterday I got up later than planned, did some studying, watched a sport competition and then went for a walk in the snow.
I found out that I can walk to Starbucks in less than an hour. :D
(but I always could take the bus )
Not very exciting, I know.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know, I am late for this but I didn't want to leave Christmas unmentioned on here.
I had a really great time with my family, loooooot's of food.
My Mom and I decided to invalidate the calories for Christmas, so we could indulge without feeling bad.
And let me tell you, it worked just fine. :)
On Christmas Eve we did something which we started when we were kids and which we didn't do for a few years now.
We got a new board game and spent the evening playing.
And it was SO much fun! :)
Didn't spent that much time with my brothers in years.
This is the very short version of my Christmas 2009 but now I mentioned it.
New Years Eve is another story, maybe I will write about that tomorrow, but somehow I am really busy and get nothing done.
We have some test (big ones) come up, beginning in the end of January and I need to study for those.
For one subject I have to redo the whole thing since the teacher is not very useful, rushes through the lecture, does not allow questions because he is afraid of not knowing the answer....
The university has his position vacant but since nobody is interested we just have to suck it up.
Last year 75% of the students failed the exam, I think that says it all.
But back to the topic, I have to work through the whole thing again and that takes lot's of time and since this subject is not my favorite it is a dreaded task as well which does not make it easier.
I'll go to bed now to get up early to study again.

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