Monday, January 4, 2010

back to school

Today was the first day of university in 2010 and it was quite uneventful.
Since it started snowing again on Saturday night, I had a beautiful train ride through snow covered landscapes.
We only had math class today and as we were told during said class, the exercise math class which I would have had tomorrow morning was canceled and so we had to attend the one from today.
We are divided in two groups since there are so many of us.
So there is one on Mondays one on Tuesdays.
So we had to take part in the one today.

Now I am back home, later than anticipated and my do some more studying today...
Depends on how much stuff I find to do first....

Yesterday I got up later than planned, did some studying, watched a sport competition and then went for a walk in the snow.
I found out that I can walk to Starbucks in less than an hour. :D
(but I always could take the bus )
Not very exciting, I know.

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