Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know, I am late for this but I didn't want to leave Christmas unmentioned on here.
I had a really great time with my family, loooooot's of food.
My Mom and I decided to invalidate the calories for Christmas, so we could indulge without feeling bad.
And let me tell you, it worked just fine. :)
On Christmas Eve we did something which we started when we were kids and which we didn't do for a few years now.
We got a new board game and spent the evening playing.
And it was SO much fun! :)
Didn't spent that much time with my brothers in years.
This is the very short version of my Christmas 2009 but now I mentioned it.
New Years Eve is another story, maybe I will write about that tomorrow, but somehow I am really busy and get nothing done.
We have some test (big ones) come up, beginning in the end of January and I need to study for those.
For one subject I have to redo the whole thing since the teacher is not very useful, rushes through the lecture, does not allow questions because he is afraid of not knowing the answer....
The university has his position vacant but since nobody is interested we just have to suck it up.
Last year 75% of the students failed the exam, I think that says it all.
But back to the topic, I have to work through the whole thing again and that takes lot's of time and since this subject is not my favorite it is a dreaded task as well which does not make it easier.
I'll go to bed now to get up early to study again.

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