Thursday, January 21, 2010

CSI exam

Today we had our crime scene investigation exam, which was really fun.
Our class of 20 students was divided in 3 groups and each group was assigned to a crime scene.
Set up by our instructors of course. :)
Our crime scene was a break-in into a lab where a scientist surprised the intruder who knocked him out with a bottle.
We collected all the evidence and the perp got convicted.

I got up early this morning.
Class wouldn't start before 12 pm but I wanted to get a shopping basket which currently is on sale at my local discount store.
I was afraid that it would be sold out if I wait til tonight when I would get back from school and so I decided I would go right when the store opened and study some more afterward.
I overslept and got up at nine, jumped out of bed, rushed into the bathroom and then into my cloth and was out of the door at 9:15.
I was really mad at myself and really worried that the baskets would be sold out but there were plenty left.
So I got my basket, did some more shopping, went home, had some breakfast and then went to school...
I am amazed about myself and the fact that I would get up early (at least that was the plan) and go to the store for a household good like a shopping basket.
Am I getting old??
But if you look at it the right way it is kind of a purse, isn't it?

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