Sunday, January 24, 2010

new design

As you can see, there is a new background -again...
But when I got up this morning and opened the shades I couldn't believe my eyes.
There was friggin' snow again.
Don't get me wrong I do like snow and enjoyed having a white Christmas (eve) but I want spring now, sunshine and no more snow.
I think I am done with snow for this year.
But since there was snow outside, I decided to bring the spring at least into my blog and that's why I changed the background.
As I am already on here I will write a bit more, before it is back to studying.
Yesterday we got to know our grades in the language exam and as I thought, I passed but didn't do overly well...
So I am 90% sure that I will not take Norwegian II next semester.
I am just not able to put the effort it would deserve in it and that is not acceptable.
I want to do at least good (great would be better of course) in what I do and since it is not a requirement for my B.Sc. it didn't get the attention it would deserve.
Plus it would be from 1pm to 3 pm on Saturdays and that would spoil the whole day since I also have to ride the bus and train to get there.
So it looks like I will not take it next semester.

Yesterday I realized that there is only one week of lectures left before the break.
Of course there are the exams during the break but no lectures to attend which will save me some valuable hours.

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite stores here in Germany (for groceries, that is) real, since it reminds me a bit of Walmart and that reminds me of my time in the States.
But yesterday it was just annoying.
They changed the layout so I was looking for the toy department on the wrong floor for a while.
They moved it to the lower level but put the babies section there so I went through all the aisles because I though the toys would be hidden somewhere in the back or so.
Then I went downstairs where I found the toys, along with a huge selection of carnival costumes.
I moved into a region, where it is a big issue...should have thought about that earlier, haha.
Well, there were costumes everywhere, annoying party songs (which are only endurable while being wasted which I wasn't obviously) and huuuge bulks of candy which are supposed to be thrown from the parade floats.WOW. It was kind of like the first time in an American supermarket, kind of like entering a new world.
After processing this culture shock I continued to fill my cart and must have walked several kilometers doing this.
And let me tell you, people are just stupid.
Several of them got in front of my cart and I had to perform several sudden stops to not hurt anybody.
OK, the little girl that was just following Mommy and Daddy and was way behind them and tried to catch up, I understand. Kids are kids.
But the women that talked to her husband and made a step backwards without even looking?
Or the guy on the phone that stepped back?
What is wrong with you people?
Do you back up without looking in your cars as well?
I don't think I want to share a road with you folks...
Then I finally made it to the registers.
I decided to do the self checkout because there you get bags for free (and they are even like the ones from Walmart, not what you normally get at a German store) and I wanted one to put my frozen goods in so I wouldn't get all the other stuff in my basket wet.
But I had to put ALL my stuff into those bags since the register would get mad otherwise.
I ended up with my frozen goods in one bag and all the other stuff in one more bag and put it all in the basket after I left the checkout.
I got myself an alarm clock at the store since mine refused to work some nights ago.
It is a wind up alarm clock and I got exact the same again.
Well, when I got home I accidentally dropped the broken one and when I picked it up from the floor it was ticking again.
Nice, I do love to spend money on unnecessary things.
For dinner I had a pizza American style, version California as the box said.
It had red onions and tuna on it.
I never saw tuna on a pizza in the States and when I mentioned it there people would look at me like I lost my mind.
The last two pieces I had for lunch this morning, after an hour on the phone with a good friend, while being on the phone with my Mom.

And now I have to go back and study some more.

Hope everybody has a great Sunday!

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