Wednesday, January 27, 2010

far from nice

Today something happened that made me really mad.
I gave my notes from math class to a certain person because she asked if she could copy one exercise and the nice (or stupid) person that I am wanted to help her. (she needs to hand in homework to be allowed to participate in the exam since she missed some of the classes, this alone already should have been a flag I guess).
Well, when I got my notes back I didn't get them from that certain person that had asked me for them but from somebody else who obviously copied some of the stuff as well.
She even thanked me for letting her have it.
Is it just me who thinks it is not OK?
If I borrow something from somebody else I don't give it to other people, since I borrowed it and therefore I am responsible for the item.
Doesn't matter if it is a lawnmower, a book/cd or a folder with notes.
But that's just me.
Maybe I should have known that if I let somebody have my notes, everybody and his brother will have a look as well.
If I borrow your bike, does that mean all my neighbors can have a ride too?
I certainly learned my lesson today.

I am sitting here, still mad and can't do anything about it.
I said something when I got the notes back but not enough to express my anger I guess....

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