Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday morning

And I am at home, having some coffee and reading blogs.
I just got back from the bakery across the street where I got myself delicious croissants. :)
What a great start into the day.

The semester is over, yesterday was the last lecture, now it is time for exams...
The last week was over really fast.
On Monday I got soaked by a delivery truck that drove by and covered me in snow slush.
I sent the company an email and they apologized via email and asked me for my address.
Today I got a letter in the mail from them in which they stated that the driver got lectured and that they apologize. Nice but some flowers would have been better. ;)
On Wednesday I wrote that previous post.
On Thursday we had a test which I passed.
On Friday we had the repeat test thing where I could try again for the test I failed in November.
I am not sure about the outcome there since the questions were quite different than expected.
We'll know the result on Monday.
On Monday also is the English exam.
I have to admit, I am not so worried about that one...

What really annoys me is that my cough is back. It will be gone for a while and then it comes back...
I will go to the pharmacy and get me some stuff there later today.
I will need something that makes it go away in general and something that suppresses the urge to cough for a few hours which I will need for the exam I think.
Oh and when I opened the shades this morning, there was snow yet again.
After my last ranting about snow it went away and turned into rain and now there it is again.
But I wont say anything about it anymore, I'll just ignore it.

Last but not least:
I received an email the other day and now I am an official donor in the dkms database. :)
I hope it wont be necessary but if they need me I'll be there!

Hope everybody has a great Saturday!

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