Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today I got to sleep in, which was much needed.
I was really tired the whole Saturday which showed in my actions...
After I went to the store I went to the laundromat, only to discover that I forgot half of the stuff I wanted to wash at home.
While I was getting the stuff together I decided that this was a good day to wash the sheets as well, and went to strip down the bed right away.
I put the sheets in my laundry bag (the huge blue ones from IKEA are really useful btw) and then left the house without putting the rest of the stuff in the bag.
A bus ride later I discovered my mistake.
Well, I think I might be able to get through the week without the missing stuff.
So I came home, hung up the laundry to dry and then cleaned my bathroom.
I then did the dishes while I preheated the oven.
I put my pizza in the oven and jumped in the shower.
Afterward I came back into the kitchen, refreshed and clean and really hungry and was greeted by an open oven door.
I did not close it after I put in the pizza!!
Something like this never happened before.
Not that I have the oven that long already, but still...
So I closed the door, gave it another 10 minutes, ate and went straight to bed to sleep.
And I slept til 11:30. Much needed!!
Today I already cleaned the rest of my place, had a nice phone conversation with my Mom and enjoyed coffee and fruit salad.
And I did some online shopping for school supplies.
Semester is almost over and I start buying stuff, yay me. :D
But it is not as bad as it looks, it is a dictionary which I will be able to use til the end and a calculator which I will need for my math exam.
I think this is a bit stupid.
Back in the day when I got my Abitur we were only allowed to use a normal calculator without the fancy stuff and graphic calculators were strictly forbidden and it was considered cheating if you were caught with one during exams or even in the finals.
Most of my fellow students graduated high school just recently and they all got to use a graphic calculator.
Now the math prof advised that everybody should have one since the students with just a normal calculator would put themselves in disadvantage if they wouldn't get one.
So I went along and got one.
I ordered the dictionary from the UK amazon as the English teacher advised since it only cost half of what I would have paid here.
I wanted to order the calculator there as well since it was way cheaper but for some reason would not ship said calculator to Germany.
So I ordered it from the German amazon and ended up paying more for just that calculator than what I would have paid for both, dictionary and calculator on

Now it's time for some more studying...

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