Sunday, February 21, 2010

The day ends better than it started

I was able to convert all the negative energy that was floating around here into something positive:
I cleaned the whole apartment and I filed away the notes and materials from the dreaded exam which were still flying around here.
By the way, I learned on Friday that I passed it. :D
The mark is not the best, but for now I am glad I don't have to retake it.
All my other marks will be better I promised myself.
Later I watched a movie, then some TV and had pizza and a hot chocolate afterward.
Now I spent the past 2 hours doing research regarding my online studies.
I didn't have much time for it and while I was not logged in and didn't take part in any discussion, many things went on and changed.
I know that I won't have much time for it, if any at all so I am discussing if I should quit it completely.
I mean after all, it cost money.
Plus, the good grades which I earned in the past with my assignments will not be fully recognized anymore.
But on the other hand it was fun and really interesting.
Not sure what to do though.
I have to find out if I can quit now and then in a few years (or so) pick up where I left and go on...hmmm.
I'll try to talk to the Prof tomorrow and then we shall see.

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