Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear So and So...

Dear So and So...

Dear Landlord,

I do understand that you want to raise the value of this house and really appreciate that you waited with putting a new radiator into the upstairs apartment until the break so almost nobody would be here.
I also understand that you had to let all the water out of the system in order to connect the new radiator to it but the sound of the water coming back into the radiators and pipes drives me NUTS.
I feel like I live in a friggin' fish tank.


Dear parents of the screaming toddler yesterday at the store,

you guys made my day and I enjoyed seeing you!
Because I could walk away and go back into my quiet apartment.

I don't heeear ya!

Dear brain,

why can't you just suck in all the chemistry knowledge overnight?
Might it be helpful if I slept on the book?

need to know it all
Dear neighbors,

I have astonishing news for you!
Sit down and listen carefully...
These weird things on doors, called locks, are actually there to keep the door close.
I do not appreciate waking up at stupid o'clock, going to the bathroom, wondering why it is so cold and check and find the front door open!|
That's not why I pay for heating.
Plus don't come to me whining when you find yourself mugged one day.

Annoyed LTCC
Dear doctor's office,

as of Wednesday you lost a valued customer.
I am not that kind of person that runs to see the doctor if there is as much as a cough and a runny nose.
But if I tell you that breathing hurts, then I do get mad at you if you hint that you think I might have just come into your office to get a sick day.
I am a student, I am off for months. DUH.
And it doesn't help if your front desk b*tch lady treats my like I tried to kill the pope when I asked her to print out a referral.
How am I supposed to know that I have to "order" referrals right when I get there if nobody told me so??
But you are right, during those two hours that I spent in the waiting room, you could have written dozens of referrals, my bad, I should have thought about that earlier.
Plus, I don't like the concept of your office, that patients get to see whoever is available at the moment.
There was one nice lady which I saw when I was sick in November, but I didn't get to see her since. The other ones...forget about them.
But that will change, I will not come back to your office, there are plenty of doctors in town.

good riddance


Dear Mom,

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! =)
Drive safe!


Dear readers,

for more dear so and so go and check out Kat's blog!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. As regards to the doctor's office: seeing whoever is currently available is normal here in England. In my last surgery I have never ever seen the same doctor twice except for when I booked one specifically (and only because he was the only one who could do this procedure). They also have "Locums" in all the time, i.e. doctors who do not work for the practice but come there as a supply staff when another doctor is ill or otherwise occupied. I find this annoying because you never know whom you get to see, you have to explain things over and over again, etc. But then, I don't like doctor anymore anyway. Tonight's visit to the A&E has proven that. :(

  2. What is A&E?
    I didn't know that concept before, the most was 2 doctors sharing one office and there I would always see the same doctor.

  3. Accident & Emergency, equivalent to German Notaufnahme, but more weird. First you have to see a triage nurse who may or may not tell you what she thinks you have (but she will give you a disclaimer saying that she's not a doctor and not here to diagnose, that's the doctor's job). If it'S serious enough, they will refer you to see the doctor, meaning you gotta go back to the waiting room and sit around for another hour or two and eventually you'll see a doctor.