Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear So and So...

Dear So and So...

Inspired by Mom in High Heels I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join the Dear so and so-letter authors initiated by Kat .

Dear neighbors,
we do recycle and I really like it.
Since supposedly all of you are students (which I didn't verify yet but I take my landlords word for it) I assume that you can tell the different trashcans apart.
And since this is Germany and you study at German universities/schools which required a proof of knowledge of the German language you should be able to read what is written on the trashcans, just in case nobody introduced this system to you.
So WHY can't you just put your trash where it belongs?
It is only 3 different cans, that is not so hard...

concerned about the environment,

Dear wind,
I know you want to show off and I appreciate your efforts to blow the last snow away, but WHY did you have to knock over the darn trashcan??
It was no fun to collect all the paper (and other stuff,see above) from the front yard.

glad-for-rubber gloves,

Dear Austrian Ski Association,

do yourself a favor and just shut up!
Your best athlete was not good enough for the gold medal.
Your sorry attempt of pinning something on the winner is just pathetic.
I had my fingers crossed for someone else (no NOT from Austria) but I am happy for the actual winner too!
Face the reality: Your national number one is not the Olympic number one.
Now stop whining and play fair.

Yours disgusted

Dear bikers,

I think bike lanes are a great invention.
They give you space to pedal along.
Now would you please stay in that space??
I do not like to be run over by you guys on the side walk while I check the bike lane before I cross.
And there are two bike lanes, one on each side of the road, and you are supposed to go with the flow (traffic). Those HUGE white arrows painted on the ground are not just there to look nice.
I really wish police would do controls on that too.

yours annoyed

Dear library,
The fact that you send out emails to remind the customers that their media is due is really nice.
But I think sending said mails on the day that the books are due...this is a bit unlucky, don't you think?
Always screws up my whole plan for the day.

yours always late

Dear dishes,

please wash yourself, will you?


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  1. Excellent letters and I couldn't agree more about the garbage. How hard is it to separate your trash? Really, they make it almost ridiculously easy to recycle. If you get your dishes to do themselves, let me know because I've yet to figure it out.

  2. When you find dishes that wash themselves please email me.