Monday, February 1, 2010

Do not try that at home (if you're on a diet)

Today was the first exam, English.
It went really well and everybody found it pretty easy. :)
We had 2 hours and I was done after like 45 minutes...

But I was not the first to leave the room.
We don't know when the results will be out but we all are pretty optimistic.
I also learned that I passed the test from Friday which made me almost happier than the English exam. ;)
So I went home happy.
Yesterday while studying, I had an inspiration regarding the layout of my living room/kitchen.
I wanted to wait til after the exam next Monday to try it but then I got home full of energy today and started moving furniture around.
It all fit like I hoped, even without measuring.
The room looks spacier now but I have to get used to it I guess.
I turn around all the time to put something on the table that is not there anymore...
Then I made dinner from scratch.
Actually using up the leftover ingredients from my Saturday (and Sunday) dinner and I have to admit, today's dinner tasted best. :)
On Saturday I did a veggie-potato-casserole, which was my first attempt on that ever.
It was pretty good I think.
I just overestimated the size of the pan and bought way to much stuff.
Plus, the pan is so big that I couldn't finish it on Saturday hence this was my Sunday dinner as well.
Today I tried another casserole since I had so much stuff left and even though I used exactly the same ingredients it was completely different.
And SO delicious.

layers of potatoes, cut bell peppers and tomatoes

mushrooms, onion and aubergines cooked with milk, cream cheese, cream and cheese

the mixture went on the other stuff, was covered with lot's of cheese and then it all went in the oven.

But it is heavy, including the cream cheese, cheese and cream...
So, don't try that at home if you're on a diet. :)

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