Thursday, February 18, 2010


I had a hard time falling asleep last night, I kept on turning around and around, basically rotating in bed. Around 1:30 am I turned the light back on and read my book until around 4 am.
Of course I slept through all three of my alarms and woke up around 12:30 pm.
Really annoying.
I decided to stay on my plan for the day and went to town around 4 pm, ran some errands and then went to the movies.
I saw the movie "Friendship" which is about two young men from East-Germany who decided to go to America after the wall came down.
The father of one of them lived in San Francisco and he didn't see him after he fled from the DDR when the boy was 10 years old.
So they wanted to go to San Francisco. Unfortunately they could only afford tickets to New York City.
So they went there and started a crazy trip across the country.
I really enjoyed the movie, it was funny and what made it special for me was that I actually knew many of the places shown.
Plus, ca 50% of the movie are true. It is based on a true story.
Totally worth watching!!

Last night I cooked gnocchi with a spinach-gorgonzola-sauce.
The sauce was a bit disappointing so I decided to discard the leftover sauce and made the rest of the gnocchi into a salad, which was delicious!

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