Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am back

I was just busy with studying last week so I didn't have time to blog and didn't have anything to blog about anyways. :)
The most dreaded exam is finally over, now there are two more coming up in March. They will not be easy but hopefully not as hard as the one yesterday.
I basically spent the whole week behind my books, just left the house twice to go to the store and once to go to the laundromat.
Not a nice week but it is over.
And hopefully I passed this exam I don't feel like doing it again. :)
The English exam went as good as I thought, I got a straight A! :D

To celebrate the break (no lessons til March) and that two of the 4 exams are over and the grade for the English exam, me and some friends went out for drinks last night. Lot's of fun and much needed!
We found a bar which hosted a Ladies Night, means ladies pay 5 bucks and drink free the whole night.
Very nice. :D
Was home and in bed around 3 am and was woken by the phone at 12:30 pm today.
Didn't do much today, this was basically a day of recovering from last week.
Tonight I spoke to my host family on the phone again.
I wish I had the money to go to California right now...

Now I am watching some more TV, then I will go to bed, get up earlier tomorrow morning, hopefully get myself to do a workout and then I will take the bus and train to campus to return a ton of books which I needed to prepare for the last exam and hopefully get one which I need for the next one...
Studying for the two upcoming exams should be easier since there is more time left and there are no lectures til the end of March.
We basically are on vacation now!
Hope everybody has a great week!!

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  1. As you can't go to California right now, I'm sending you a little sunshine award (that I actually got from a Californian girl...). You can find it on my blog.
    Enjoy your vacation, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that spring will come soon...