Saturday, February 13, 2010

I ♥ hearts

In observance of the single-awareness-day tomorrow I decided to change the background.
Plus, I think it is cute! :)

I didn't do much these past days.
I went to campus twice.
The first time to drop off the books which I hopefully won't need anymore and to get a chemistry book.
And then I went yesterday to get my lab coat, just in case I decide to dress up and join the craziness called Karneval (carnival, scroll down to Rhineland) that is going on here right now.
I mean, please, stores closed on a regular day? Special bus schedule? Dressed up (funny to see) and wasted (not so funny) people wherever I look?
They should have mentioned it in the guide for new citizens which I got when I officially registered at the city hall...
I think next year I might be out of town coincidentally but this year I am here and I think I can as well have a closer look and therefore I need a disguise. :)
Beside that I did just the typical errands and that was it. :)
I stayed up late and slept in, worked out and watched TV.
But I will start studying for the upcoming exams soon.
Today I went to my favorite store again because I needed a birthday gift and some light bulbs.
I also got myself a funny hat which I might wear instead of my lab coat and scrubs. I mean if I just watch a parade, there is no need to freeze my rear end off while standing outside for hours.
And I didn't find accessories to go with my lab coat and scrubs...

The most important thing for me currently: The Games of Vancouver started last night.
I meant to get up early to watch the rerun of the opening ceremony but I overslept and just got to see the last hour or so, but it was still really nice.
I certainly will watch all the ski jumping competitions and as much of the ice hockey games as I can. I am not sure about the other competitions but maybe now and then I might watch some of those too. :)

I was really shocked when I heard about this horrible accident in which a luger died, even before the games were declared opened. :( That is really sad and my heart is with his family and friends.
This was the first fatality during Olympic winter games and I sure hope the last one as well.
I am really curious about what they will do about the luge competitions and if the organisators learned something from that accident....

I didn't get to watch much of the games 4 years ago since I did an internship in a kindergarten and lived with a family that didn't care much for the games and I would have felt pretty rude occupying their only TV the whole day.
8 years ago when the games were in Salt Lake City I would stay up late sometimes to watch a hockey game but I couldn't do so often since I was in my last months of school and had to get up early to go to school.

So I will enjoy those games now, as I am off and don't have to get up early and have my own TV to do as I please. :)

Which competition will YOU enjoy watching? Let me know!

Hope you all have a great Sunday with or without a significant other!

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