Sunday, February 21, 2010

not my day

This is SO not my day.
I wrote a post rambling about this crappy Sunday.
Then I decided to hold it back because I realized I was starving and figured I might be in a better mood after I ate something.
So I went to the kitchen to produce some scrambled eggs.
I whipped up three eggs in a bowl, added spices and stuff and then waited for the ham cubes to fry so I could put the eggs in.
And guess what: While waiting I KNOCKED OVER that bowl and spilled all of it.
SO not my day.
Luckily I had 3 eggs left and was able to produce new eggs, but this is not my day.

So here you go, the initial post:
First, I ruined my coffee. Then I got an unpleasant mail from somebody in reply of a mail I sent yesterday which was not meant like the recipient thought it was. Sent a mail back. Whatever.
And I realized that I overslept and the bakery was already closed for the day...
Then I went outside trying to find my stolen mail. The real mail this time.
I was hoping that as soon whoever who took it open it he/she would realize that they can't use it at all and throw it away.
Went through our trashcans and then through the cans at the bus stop.
No luck there.
Now I have to deal with the insurance company tomorrow, bc my health insurance card was in that envelope.
What a great Sunday....

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