Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sick and tired

On Sunday I didn't do much, it think I watched TV and read.
I actually thought about going to the movies but I figured Valentines Day wouldn't be the best day to go to the movies all by myself. :)
On Monday I went to see the Rosenmontagsumzug (the big carnival parade) here in town.
I actually found a spot to which I could walk from my place.
Parade started at noon, I left my place around noon and walked to that spot and still had to wait an hour until the first floats showed up.
It was fun to watch and I even caught some candy but it was freezing.
By the time I got home I wasn't able to feel my feet anymore despite my winter boots and extra socks.
So I didn't do much anymore on Monday.
I watched TV and watched some episodes of CSI :NY online.
I prefer watching those shows in their original language.
Yesterday was a low day as well and I really wanted to get going again today just to wake up to find myself not feeling well.
I wanted to work out again and start studying for the upcoming exams. Not that I didn't do anything before but I wanted to start the serious preparation.
I set my alarm to 8:30 (after all these are my days weeks off). When I woke up this morning I was hot, really hot. I don't have a fever yet but it goes from hot to cold and back...Plus I feel so sick that I can't even drink my coffee and if I can't drink my coffee something is seriously wrong. ;)
I however had a soup and I am having a smoothie right now.
I feel better than when I got up and I hope it (whatever it is) will be gone tomorrow.
I don't feel so bad that I have to lay down, I just can't focus on serious chemistry.
I think I will make this another low day with TV and some reading and trying to eat a bit more and I will go to bed early and hopefully will be ready to study tomorrow morning.
I might skip the workout for a few more days since my cough is still here, I have to see how it is going...

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