Monday, March 29, 2010

Moovin' March, final week

1. No fast food!
2. Workout at least 3 times!
3. Link up! (over at Casey's blog)

I have to say, last week I did great!
I didn't have fast food and I managed to work out five times! Yay me!
My goal for the upcoming week is to keep that up or even workout 6 or 7 times. We shall see.
School started today and I have to see how it will work with the new schedule...
I am also still eating healthier, means more veggies.
On Sunday I had celery sticks and a self made dip as a snack while watching TV.
Very delicious!
I'll try to keep that up.
I have this little container in which I will put cut up veggies and keep it in the fridge to have some handy all the time. :)
I also want to eat more fruit as a snack.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

a quite successful day

Today I tackled a long loathed task: I defrosted my fridge and the little freezer compartment.
This fridge is pretty small, but big enough for one person.
The little compartment where I could make ice cubes (or try to keep something frozen) is even smaller.
Now imagine it covered in ice. From the outside I mean. And from the inside as well.
I put ice cream in there back in November (I think). Ate from it a few times. And then I couldn't get into it any more.
This didn't bother me much during the winter.
But now it is spring (finally).
Last week I wanted to make ice cubes.
I wasn't able to get into the little compartment. Frozen shut.
I couldn't get into it without breaking the little door.
So today I went to work. I used my two blow dryers. (Yes I do have two. Also comes in handy when the hair is wet and I am in a hurry).
So it took me like an hour to melt off all the ice or rather make it possible to break off the ice. It filled a whole bucket. Wow.
While I was on it I cleaned the fridge as well.
And the little cabinet next to the fridge.
I also threw out some stuff and now my fridge is well organized and clean again.
Yay me. :D
But I think in the future I will try to keep this little compartment ice free.
Beside this I didn't do much today, just relaxed, read a book and stuff.
The new lessons start tomorrow.
This break went by really quick when I look back now.
Hope everybody will have a great week.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

how I "lost" my lab partner

This already happened in January.
We and some fellow students went our for drinks, and while being out she accidentally made fun of somebody who stuttered.
At that point she didn't even realize that he stuttered, but when her, a friend and I walked to the bus stop, we told her and immediately she felt bad.
We tried to tell her that he wouldn't be mad at her because he was nice to her after her little faux pas.
Well, when her and I rode home, she picked up this topic again, admitting, that she wants to be nice to everybody and she always is mean to me in the laboratory.
I tried to tell her that I totally understand that, since we all are under stress there, because nobody wants to make mistakes and everybody wants be done on time.
The next day she approached me on the train ride home to tell me that she thought we would be better off without each other in the lab.
I told her again that I understand her being not her nicest during lab class, but she said that the one time when she worked with another partner she was not that mean and she does not want to be mean to me since she likes me.
Well all said really nice, but I still feel a bit dumped.
We had a few more lab sessions after that and in my eyes those went better, but she didn't change her mind and already has a new partner.
Lessons start on Monday and I don't have a new partner yet, I think I will get one assigned if I don't find one myself but this is still bugging me.
Yesterday somebody wrote on studiVZ (something similar to facebook) that he needs a new lab partner as well.
When I asked him if we want to work together, he answered that he actually would rather work with two other persons.
Now, if he only wanted to let them know that he needs a new partner so that they ask him to join their group, he shouldn't write in public that he needs a new lab partner. And then after I asked him if he wants to work with me and he declines this offer (because I hang with people he doesn't like *WTH*), he whines to the people whose group he wants to join that nobody wants to work with him? Really?? Grow up dude, this is university and not kindergarten.

I never liked those hints and games and I still don't like them.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear So and So...

Dear So and So...

Der self,

adding your friends from school to your facebook friends was a stupid idea.
You already had them as friends on studivz, that should have been enough.
Now you have to use your blog to vent about fellow students...


Dear fellow student without a lab partner,

This whole partner thing is about the LABORATORY and experiments, not about dating or even bff. Well not even friends at all.
Good luck trying to squeeze into an existing group.
I don't care who I will work with and you should get over it.

even more annoyed
PS: Thank you for pissing me off that bad, my workout was as intense as never before..

Dear former lab partner,

I didn't think it was necessary to split but I already told you that.
You telling me that we should better split because we are always snapping at each other and you boss me around in the lab and you like me and don't want to ruin our friendship sounded nice and reasonable in the first place but the more I think about that, the more I think it is a lame excuse for getting rid of me.
Yes, I do admit that we both worked better with other partners the one day when you were delayed.
I can live with critic, critic is essential for becoming a better person. But if you don't tell me what I did wrong in your eyes then I can't change anything.


Dear debit card,

I apologize for being so abusive today but you see, all this stuff was necessary because I need it for the new semester.
And if you and I want to have a better life one day then I need those supplies.
Sorry! ♥

love LTCLC

Dear IKEA,

I am sorry to inform you that I have to cancel our date tomorrow.
You don't offer anything I would NEED right now and my debit card is on strike , so our next time together has to be postponed to an unknown date.

miss ya

Dear readers,

go over to Kat's blog for more "Dear so and so...".


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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I had the exam. It did not go so well, at least not as good as it should have been after all the effort that I put in the preparation.
After I went to another preparation seminar on Tuesday I came home and felt like I don't know anything.
So I stayed up and studied til 3 am and when I went to bed I felt better.
I did a bit more yesterday morning and felt well prepared until I saw the questions.
After I spoke to some friends about it last night, I think I had some kind of black out because I discovered I should have been able to answer most of the questions but when I sat there and looked at the questions I just didn't know, where to begin.
Somehow it was all gone/ blocked.
I did not decide yet if I just want to be done with it and have passed it or if I want to have the chance to take it again to get a better mark.

Last night me and some fellow students went out for drinks , that's why I didn't do a workout yesterday.
We met around 8 pm in front of the pub just do discover that it was crowded and the huge tables where we usually sit were reserved.
So we went (after quite a bit of discussing I must say) to another bar.
The cocktails were delicious but pricey and the music was way too loud (bar policy, we asked to turn it down a bit, but they didn't) and nothing you would find on my I-pod.
But we hat a good time there.
Afterward we wanted to go to a club but it is closed on Wednesdays.
We walked around the city to find another club. There was another one but you had to pay to get in and since that was not our kind of music, we decided to just go home.
Back home I cleaned my bathroom (at 1 am) and did the dishes.
I didn't feel tired at all so I decided to do it. That way I don't have to do it today. :)
Now off to do my workout, then take a shower in my sparkling clean shower (the first shower after cleaning the bathroom is always the nicest, isn't it?) and then I will see what the (remainder) of the day has in store for me.
I am off til Monday without having to study or something like that and then the new semester starts....

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moovin March (on a Wednesday)


1. no fast food
2. exercise at least 3 times a week

I know, I am late, not only one but two days.
Shame on me.
But I had this exam for which I had to prepare (will write about that later)

Well, how did it go?
I did exercise 3 times last week.
I had one chicken burger from McDonald's but that's it, no fries or whatsoever with it...

For this week I plan to work out everyday (except today I think, refer to the upcoming post for the exam) and I plan to keep on eating healthy.

I feel better, cough is gone, no obstacles between me and a good moovin' march week. :)

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I have to admit I really like this new design...

I might even say I outdid myself. :)
After spending the whole day at school Friday (9 am to 7 pm) I couldn't get myself to study Saturday.
So I did this and that, was online, looking at blogs and stuff and at some point I stumbled across a "how to..." and had to try it out right away.
And it worked and looks great I think.
At around 3 pm I realized that I had to go to the post office.
Well, I knew that but I realized that it closed at 4pm and I was here at home, in my bathrobe, not dressed yet, the item to ship not wrapped yet.
So I had to hurry to get dressed, wrap the package and get the bus into town at 3:28 pm.
And I am proud to say I made it. :)
I was at the post office at 3:51 pm.
That was the excitement of the day. :)
In the evening I watched the box fight which was pretty boring until 5 secs before the end when the favorite knocked out his enemy.

Right now I am watching the ski flying competition in Planica.
I already had breakfast and spoke to my Mom on the phone and as soon as the competition is over I will go back to my books and study more for the chemistry exam.
On Thursday was the math exam and I think it went OK.
I had some odd results which made me think I totally screwed it but I couldn't find the mistake.
The next day I spoke to some fellow students and apparently those odd looking numbers are right.
Well, we will see.
Now it is 3 exams down. One more to go and then the new semester starts.

Hope everybody has a nice Sunday!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am pretty busy these days.
I have two exams coming up, one tomorrow and one next week.
So I spent the past week(s) studying and that's what I will do for the next week as well.
Last Saturday I got a haircut.
And I think it must be some kind of law of nature.
You never again get your hair done the way it is when you leave the hairdresser.
Even if you blow dry it yourself there (I like that concept, saved me 14 Euros), you will not be able to do it the same way at home.
Yesterday I spent the whole day at school in preparation of the chemistry exam.
Our prof took the time and hosted an additional seminar in which we could ask questions and he explained some topics again.
I was there for 9 hours and afterward my head felt like it would burst.
After that I went home and did NOT do anything related to school.
I ate dinner, took a nice shower, watched some TV, had a chocolate muffin and a cup of hot milk and went to bed and read a bit.
The sun finally came out again, the sky is blue, the air is mild and I am sitting here with my windows open. NICE!
Would love to go out and enjoy the sun a bit but today it is all about math, since it is the math exam tomorrow.
Maybe I will squeeze in a bit time outside later, I have to go to the library and drop off some books.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Moovin' March 3rd week

The rules:
1. Say no to fast food.
2. Say yes to exercise (3x a week or more).
3. Grab a button, link up, and check in!

Due to the fact that I was basically grounded by the Dr all week I obviously didn't get to workout.
I DID get to eat healthier.
I switched to whole-grain bread, added some more veggies to my day and cooked some meals with fresh ingredients. Carrots peeled and cut off with my own hands instead of frozen or even canned ones. Mashed potatoes with real potatoes and not the instant flakey stuff...and so on.
I plan to keep that up.
About the exercises....well I am not allowed to exercise for a few more days, so I have to see how that will go.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

officially sick

Today I couldn't stand it any longer and went to see the Dr.
I decided to change my primary care provider since the one I was with before just didn't treat me right last time.
You can read about that here.
So I went to this nice doctor which I met first when I had an emergency last November with my allergic reaction.
She didn't give me the impression that she thinks I am just lazy and want sick days.
So I ended up with antibiotics and I really hope that this will do in the cough.
Unfortunately she told me I am not allowed to exercise til some point next week. :(

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Moovin' March - my first real post

Casey, over at The Ever-Changing Life... started

Grab My Button!

and I decided to join in.
The rules:
1. Say no to fast food.
2. Say yes to exercise (3x a week or more).
3. Grab a button, link up, and check in!

I am not the kind of person that counts calories and my scale is useless (not accurate) so my success will be seen by my belt and the point at which I have to put it away again since the last hole is still too wide.
As you can guess right now I am "able" to wear said belt.
Since I was kind of afk last week I didn't get to post last Monday.
But let me tell you what I did and ate (or rather not ate) since I decided to join.
I did get to do some workouts. Not as much as I wanted since I was visiting friends and when I got home on Thursday I got sick.
Monday I went to a Chinese all you can eat buffet and I agree this might not be in the spirit of Moovin' March but I had to celebrate (comfort myself about) the fact that I am even closer to 30. *ugh* There, I said it, I am getting old.
But at least I didn't eat much from Thursday to Sunday, that's something too, right? :)
I basically had crackers and soup and tea those days.
On Sunday I had some pasta.
I did a workout Thursday before I got sick and I did one on Sunday when I felt better.
Before I left to visit friends I did some physical labor, hauling furniture home.
It can only get better!

My goals for next week are: Doing the Shred every single day and I want to cook more fresh food including veggies that don't come from a can. So one day I will have fish and carrots and potatoes.

The above I wrote earlier today and the following is a possible change of my plan:
My cold got worse during the day and after I did the shred tonight I felt really crappy. In fact I still kind of do.
So I am not sure if I can keep up my plan for this week.
Maybe I have to pause til the cold is gone.
Today I coughed so hard, I burst a little blood vessel in my eye.

UPDATE: went to the Dr today (Tuesday). Dr put me on antibiotics and told me to not workout til next week.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

games, games, games

(warning, long post)
No, I did not give up blogging, I just had a couple of busy (the fun kind of busy :) ) days.
On Saturday it was my birthday. Since there is no school right now, all my drinking buddies friends are out of town.
So there was no big party or whatsoever.
But I did get to have guests.
And we played hide and seek.
My Mom came down and brought her dog along.
She brought me a microwave for my birthday and we went to IKEA to get a shelf to put it on and a bookshelf and some other little thingies.
They arrived here and we brought their stuff inside.
Then we wanted to go to IKEA but my landlady was showing the upstairs apartment and the house.
We were already at the door that divides my shared hallway from the stairwell when we heard them talking right on the other side of the door.
There is no rule in my contract that says that I am not allowed to have dogs visiting but we decided it would be easier to just wait til they leave.
So we went back into my apartment and stood there, listening.
The dog was very confused because he get's to go outside when we put the leash on and now we went to that door and then back inside.
He started making noises and my Mom had to hush him which made me giggle and I had to hush myself.
When the landlady left, the people that looked at the house stood on the other side of the street and kept looking from there.
Finally they left and we could go.
Pretty funny if you think about it afterward but at that point it was just ridiculous...
At IKEA I found said shelves and some other stuff like new cushions for my kitchen chairs.
What I didn't find was a shelf to hang in the shower to put all my shampoos and stuff in.
I have a place where I can put it all but it is right underneath the faucet and shower head and something is leaking and it is wet and mushy all the time which is annoying.
Well, I guess I have to go back there at some point. :)
On our way back to my place we stopped to get some food and had an easy but delicious dinner at my place.
We spend the evening with having food, some nice drinks and putting together the shelves. Good times!

On Sunday we hit the road around noon and my Mom dropped me off at my best friends place where her little boy celebrated his 7th birthday with his relatives and some of his Mom's friends.
The real kids party took place later.
I got to see many people which I didn't see for a while, had more cake (I already had a piece Sunday morning which my Mom got from the bakery where she got the rolls for our breakfast) and just a good time.
Monday morning I woke up around 9, solved a "crime" before breakfast :) and then just hung out with my friends.
I got to play many games with her kids. So much fun and I realized I really miss that part of my Au Pair time.
Monday night we went out to eat at a Chinese place, it was an all you can eat buffet and so delicious.
My friend and I decided that this would be our birthday gift to each other so basically everybody paid for his/her own food.
Her boyfriend and her sister plus her sisters cute new baby joined in and we had a great evening.
I ate so much, I could barely walk afterward but that's what all you can eat buffets are about, right?
On Tuesday there were more games if I remember right and assembly of a lego truck and in the evening the grown-ups played Wii.
I have to admit, I never played before but I am hooked.
It was so much fun and it is really exercising without the players realizing that they exercise until the next day when they feel their sore muscles. :)
On Wednesday I went back to my place because I had an appointment at school on Thursday.
When I got home after said appointment I started feeling sick in my stomach.
I got so bad that I had to go to bed early.
So I was useless all Friday which is a bummer because I need to study.
I followed a special diet and today I feel better but I think I will stay on that diet til Monday.
This is annoying since I found Mac and Cheese at the store on Thursday which I really want to try but I think it is better to wait a bit longer.
At least I feel good enough to study today.
Hope everybody has a great weekend!

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