Thursday, March 25, 2010


I had the exam. It did not go so well, at least not as good as it should have been after all the effort that I put in the preparation.
After I went to another preparation seminar on Tuesday I came home and felt like I don't know anything.
So I stayed up and studied til 3 am and when I went to bed I felt better.
I did a bit more yesterday morning and felt well prepared until I saw the questions.
After I spoke to some friends about it last night, I think I had some kind of black out because I discovered I should have been able to answer most of the questions but when I sat there and looked at the questions I just didn't know, where to begin.
Somehow it was all gone/ blocked.
I did not decide yet if I just want to be done with it and have passed it or if I want to have the chance to take it again to get a better mark.

Last night me and some fellow students went out for drinks , that's why I didn't do a workout yesterday.
We met around 8 pm in front of the pub just do discover that it was crowded and the huge tables where we usually sit were reserved.
So we went (after quite a bit of discussing I must say) to another bar.
The cocktails were delicious but pricey and the music was way too loud (bar policy, we asked to turn it down a bit, but they didn't) and nothing you would find on my I-pod.
But we hat a good time there.
Afterward we wanted to go to a club but it is closed on Wednesdays.
We walked around the city to find another club. There was another one but you had to pay to get in and since that was not our kind of music, we decided to just go home.
Back home I cleaned my bathroom (at 1 am) and did the dishes.
I didn't feel tired at all so I decided to do it. That way I don't have to do it today. :)
Now off to do my workout, then take a shower in my sparkling clean shower (the first shower after cleaning the bathroom is always the nicest, isn't it?) and then I will see what the (remainder) of the day has in store for me.
I am off til Monday without having to study or something like that and then the new semester starts....

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